Starts, Turns, Finishes Clinic - Area Champs

Feb 15, 2020 (11:00 AM) - Feb 15, 2020 (04:30 PM)
February, 10 2020


Who: Area 2 Championship attendees* – 10 & under will attend 11:00 am-1:30 pm; 11 & older will attend 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm**

What: Coach Larry will be leading a Start-Turn-Finish Clinic covering front and back start breakouts, the four-stroke turns, and the four wall finishes. It’s the complete package in this clinic! Starts and turns are the two weak links in racing costing vital seconds, but here is the solution! The start progressions improve speed and distance off the block; and the turn progressions teach swimmers how to plan the wall, turn faster at the wall, and travel further underwater off the wall. Enhancing starts, turns, and finishes is a fast way to boost performance for your championship meet!

When: February 15, 2020

Where: SouthWest Aquatics

Cost: $45

If you have any questions please contact Coach Larry

*Your swimmer must be entered into the Area 2 Championship meet in order to attend this clinic. Please remember that this meet does not have any qualifying times and is open to all swimmers.

**11 year old swimmers that are in the Red or White Groups should attend the 11:00 Clinic time.