Florida Swimming
Level 3
Excellence 200

T2 Naples Open

Jan 12, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jan 14, 2018 (03:00 AM)
January, 2 2018
January 15, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


YMCA Norris Aquatic Center, Naples FL
13275 Livingston Rd Naples, FL 34109

T2 Groups Attending:

  • Introduction
  • Technique & Training
  • Age Group Development
  • Age Group Performance
  • Senior 1
  • National Performance

Opt Out:
Deadline to opt out via EMAIL to group lead coach:  Wednesday December 27th 

T2 Ininerary:


  • Everyone, please check meet entries vs the meet notice to find out which sessions your events are.
  • Athletes, please wear T2 Gear (check the weather for appropriate clothing)
  • Athletes, please support your team and teammates.
  • Parents, please support the athletes by volunteering and having a great time!
  • Everyone, please clean up your area.
  • GO T2!


Friday Evening (All Ages Events 1-10 Only):  

  • Arrival Time:  3:30 PM (High School Athletes);  4:00 PM (or as soon as possible for Elementary/Middle School Athletes)
  • Choice T2 Shirt

Saturday Morning (13&Older):  

  • Arrival Time:  6:30 AM
  • Blue Shirt

Saturday Afternoon (12&Under):  

  • Arrival Time:  11:15 AM
  • Blue Shirt

Saturday Finals:

  • Arrival Time:  3:45 PM (13&Olders); 4:15 (12&Unders)
  • Blue Shirt

Sunday Morning (13&Older):

  • Arrival Time:  6:30 AM
  • Gray Shirt

Sunday Afternoon (12&Under):

  • Arrival Time:  11:15 AM 
  • Gray Shirt

Sunday Finals:

  • Arrival Time:  3:45 PM (13&Olders); 4:15 (12&Unders)
  • Gray Shirt

T2 Meet Support:
ALL Sunday sessions have openings for Timers
Please log in and click the "Job Sign Up" link from our meet page.  

Odds and Ends:

  • Athletes should always bring a chair just in case.
  • Meet Notice, Timeline, Entries and Psych Sheets are often posted on the T2 website, Host Team website, as well as the Florida Swimming website.
  • Please check the athlete entries vs the meet notice to make sure which days/sessions athletes are expected to swim in.
  • Websites:  www.t2aquatics.com, www.floridaswimming.org