Sarasota Y Shark Invite (travel meet)

June 22, 2017 - June 26, 2017
April 13, 2017
Coaches, HSTG, Prep, Senior


This summer Team Travel Trip will once again be to Sarasota, Fl. This is a special meet, only available for 11&O Pre/HSTG/Sr swimmers who meet attendance requirements for their group up to that point in the season (April, May, June). Swimmers must also have at least 4 'BB' OR 1 'A' time for their age group. Those with qualifying times (about A times) swim those events in prelims while the others are swum as tmed finals in the afternoon. 

Swimmers will travel and room together. Coaches Lucas and Hugh are scheduled to go on the trip, and if there is a need a chaperone might be added. 

Our initial estimate for the trip is $300/swimmer - covers transportation and hotel (swimmers will need roughly $20-30/day for meals during the trip). A $50 deposit will be due in April. Please, prior to signing-up, confirm with your swimmers and his/her coach that everyone understands the attendance requirements, as the deposit is non-refundable!

Complete meet info should be available in late May