Eastern Classic

Jan 13, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jan 15, 2018 (03:00 AM)
December, 28 2017
Coaches, Gold, HSTG, Prep, Senior


Eastern Classic will once again take place at Dynamo over Martin Luther King Weekend, with 11&O swimming Prelims/Finals on Sat-Sun, and 10&U timed final sessions in the afternoon on both those days, and then everyone swimming timed finals on Monday morning (MLK day, National holiday).

This is a unique meet where only a select number of teams are invited to bring their 50 best athletes for the meet. It has been one of the best meets in the country numerous times in the last decade, and in the past few years featured teams from many different state, with some traveling from as far as Colorado!

As usual, our squad for this year's meet was pre-selected based on results through the first half of the season. Since this is a meet where team scores are kept, we attempt to take our most competitive squad, which gives us the best chance of scoring as many points as possible. The criteria is to first take the fastest possible relay for each age group, and then all swimmers whose 5 most competitive swims of the season score 1600 or more HyTek points. The list of pre-selected swimmers is now posted below. 

Please note: Swimmers who commit to swimming at this meet will also be required to commit to training over the winter school break - preferrably with us, but if traveling then arranging to workout enough times with teams where they will be going. Also, please note swimmers not on the list might still be added in case some spots are turned down.

2018 Eastern Classic Team



Abby Bold

Carly Miller

Cate Rovie

Addison Shaffer

Mckenna Thacker


Lannon Clinansmith

Kayden Clinansmith

Andrew Guo

Dylan Willis



Caitlyn Diehl

Lindsey Diehl

Grace Fleming

Nia Fraser

Kate Johnson

Hannah-Claire Jowers

Marlowe Misner

Sijia She


Grant Deckers

Lucas Johnson

Nolan Patterson

Isaac Saenz

Jeffrey Xu



Hanna Burke

Ava Gawronski

Danielle Mitchell

Sofie Rees

Desymber Richie


Ryan Haskins

Graham Simmon

Alex Zhong

Andy Zhu



Juliana Carey

Lauren Diehl

Sarah Jahns

Maggie Nguyen

Kaylee McLester

Rachel Peden

Caitlyn Petmecky


Wesley Carter

Charlie Fountain

Drew Grier

Griffin Hammett

Ethan McKinsey

Darnell Mitchell