2020 MA vs NJ LSC All Start Meet Cancelled

Apr 5, 2020
March, 4 2020
Pre Senior Gold (Catherine Hall)


Location:  Berkely, NJ

Middle Atlantic LSC Vs New Jershey LSC All Star Competition

Congratulations to HAC qualifiers:  Lilly Moore, Gavin Tran, and Magill Zagaceta

Mark your calendars for the All Star dual meet between the Middle Atlantic LSC and the  New Jersey LSC.  The meet will take place on Sunday April 5, 2020 at the  Berkeley Aquatic Center.  The Ages which will competing are:

10 & Under
11 Year Olds
12 Year Olds
13 Year Olds

The day will consist of an AM session of racing followed by a lunch and speaking engagement by Olympians  Elizabeth Beisel and  Peter Vanderkaay.  The day will conclude with a finals session.

Here is a format of events.   Here is an application for swimmers which is due by March 4, 2020.  We will need MA Coaches for this event.   Here is an application for coaches to apply

Get excited to represent Middle Atlantic with some cool gear and fast racing.