2017 LRSC Tuffin-Up Meet

Feb 5, 2017 (03:00 AM)
January, 29 2017


 Tuffin-Up Meet 2017
Long Reach Swim Club
Maine Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame Support Meet
Bath Area Family YMCA
Sunday February 5th, 2017
Maine Swimming Inc. Sanction # 1617-0205-TT

Meet Director: D. Jay Morissette (lrsc@bathymca.org) 207-443-4112    

Meet Referee: Nicole Viele (bnviele@gmail.com) 207-380-6140
Entry Chairperson: Jay Morissette (lrsc@bathymca.org ) 207-443-4112
Admin Official: Todd Marco
Safety Monitor: Brian Savage (sponge@bathymca.org )

Location: Bath Area Family YMCA 303 Centre Street, Bath Maine 04530