Middle Atlantic Long Course Senior Championships

Jul 7, 2022 (04:00 PM) - Jul 10, 2022 (08:00 PM)
June, 17 2022


Hello PAAC,

Yes, it is champs time once again! Below is preliminary information pertaining to Senior Champs. 


Psych Sheet

  • The preliminary Psych Sheet is attached



  • The preliminary timeline is attached

Warm Up Schedule

The warm up schedule is attached.  For Warm Ups,  Practice Starts should occur during your assigned warm up times while you have control of your lanes .  The Open Session from 8:35 – 8:55 am each morning is meant for everyone to get a last few lap in the water before the meet starts.  The biggest session of the meet is 435 swimmers and smallest is 405.  As you can see from the attached timeline document there will be breaks after every stroke to allow for Warm Down/Warm Up since we do not have a separate warm up area during Long Course season.  



We will be doing awards like we did during Short Course Senior Champs.  They will be presented right after the swim occurs in finals.  So have your swimmers in the A Final report to the awards area immediately after their race.  We will not be opening the pool for the Warm Down/Warm Up break until after the awards are given.  We moved through it rather quickly in the Winter and plan to do the same during this meet.  The Top 8 Seeded Relays will swim at Finals the first two nights and awards will be given to the top 3 and with it being a timed final event a medal winner could come from Prelims.  We will present awards for the 1500 that is swam on Thursday night first thing at finals on Friday night. 


Scratches & Relays & Distance Check Ins

There will be a scratch box available on the pool deck at the admin table.  It will be available till 8 am to scratch that day’s events.  The 1500 Free and 800 Free will be Positive Check-in Events.  Positive Check in for the 1500 will close at 5 PM on Thursday and 1 PM on Sunday for the 800 Free.  Relay Cards will be available each morning that Relays are swam.  If a relay is being scratched that day it’s important that we know that ASAP that day as it may affect who is swimming at finals. 


Officials & Volunteers

Just like any swim meet, we need help from all teams attending to make it successful.  Below is the link for officials to sign up.  Please consider officiating if you are credentialed



We are also in need of On Deck Volunteers to make this thing go.  Everything being asked for below is an on-deck position that puts you right up front to see your athlete swim their events.  Please consider helping to volunteer to run the meet!