3D Meet

Feb 9, 2019 - Feb 10, 2019 (12:00 PM)
February, 4 2019
December 31, 1929
(this is a team hosted event)


Important Information for the 3D Meet - including UPDATED arrival & warm up times, etc.

This meet is for Bronze through Senior level swimmers.

Location:  Dover YMCA  (1137 South State Street; Dover, DE 19901) 

The 'age up' date for this meet is December 1st, 2018.  

Preorder your 3D Meet shirts:


Arrival/Warm Up/Meet start times are yet to be determined.

Saturday afternoon - 10 & Under Swimmers

Sunday all day (3 separate sessions) - 11 & Over Swimmers

Swimmers may swim in a maximum of three (3) events in the primary sessions and one (1) event in session 1 and session 5 (subject to change).

What to bring…

Be sure to bring your SFY team suit, extra goggles, SFY swim cap (Coach Anna will bring some extras), 2 to 3 towels, warm clothes (the gym can be cold!), and a pair of non-slip shoes to be able to walk from the gym, through the hallways, to the pool deck. Sneakers would be a fantastic way to keep your legs 'fresh' and would minimize the likelihood of slipping and falling.

Snack Bar:

A snack bar will be provided by the Dover YMCA parents, but packing extra healthy snacks like bananas, peanut butter and apple slices, sports bars, and sports drinks is advised.


Seating on the deck is for spectators, but our SFY swimmers will be staying in the gym except for when they are cheering on their teammates and competing. Please be sure to pack folding chairs for seating purposes in the gym.

IMPORTANT: We have a small, but dedicated coaching staff. To ensure that our coaches can observe and guide our SFY swimmers, parents are reminded that families are responsible for watching over their child(ren) in the Dover YMCA gymnasium. Although the fitness center may seem enticing and a 'quick' workout may be on your agenda, please be sure to work with one another if this is a priority for you. The SFY coaches are not going to be able to be responsible for the kids in the gym. Again, this is a community effort and we are hoping to create the most positive, nurturing, and productive environment for all our participating athletes.

**Additional fees are required to participate in this meet.  The 'splash fee' for each individual event is $4.50.  Please note that in order for the host team to accept our entries, we must prepare payment ahead of time and you will be responsible for your swimmer's meet fees regardless of whether they are able to compete or not.  Meet fees will be billed to your swimmer's Protivity (YMCA of DE) account.