100 X 100 "Miles for Marly" - $25 donation

Jan 7, 2018 (12:00 PM) - Jan 7, 2018 (04:00 PM)
January, 6 2018


Tentative Date for 100x100 in 2019 is Sunday
January 6th.
Please join us next year and register early to
avoid missing out.
Sunday, January 7, 2018
"Miles For  Marly"
Sunday, January 7th 2018, 9:00 AM
at Harvard University's  Blodgett Pool, 
65 North Harvard St. Boston, MA. 
*Please note: all participants must be able to swim a 2:20 base interval or faster to finish our event by the mandatory cutoff time.*
Space is limited. 
Registration deadline is Jan 6th 12 PM or before if event is full.
 (Online Registration Only. NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION).
2018:  20 SCY Lanes! The bulkhead in the Middle-Deep will be moved. Bring in the New Year with swimmers from around New England. Swim  100x100 or as many as you would like. This event raises money for the  Marly Pineda Scholarship Fund, a scholarship set up at  Marly's alma mater, Smith College, in honor and memory of our friend and coach who we lost in 2010.  
This event is open to the public. Please invite your swimmer and triathlete friends.  Participants must be 18 years old to participate. **Please bring multiple reusable water bottles to fill-up** to fill up with water and energy drink. We want to reduce the amount of disposable bottles at this event.
Schedule of events:
8:00 AM Doors Open/Check-in/Warm-up.
8:45 All swimmers must be behind their lane or in the water at their lane.
8:50 Mandatory Pre Race Briefing & National Anthem.  
9:00 AM  100x100 Begin.  
1:00 PM Event Ends.  
20 SCY Lanes will run slowest to fastest from the 6-lane pool to the 8-lane pool (right to left).  Most swimmers choose an interval about 10 seconds slower than their normal base interval for training.
We are looking forward to a great turnout for our 2018 Miles For  Marly  100x100 swim!  The focus is on participation.  We encourage everyone to join us, even if you cannot stay for the entire event.  We will provide lane space for swimmers of all ability levels.  This is a fun, team-building event with swimmers and triathletes from around New England and the nation.  Join us in bringing in the New Year and raising money for the  Marly Pineda Memorial Scholarship Fund. All donations are tax deductible.

TIMELINE (Expanded):

Sunday, January 7th 2018,  Blodgett Pool, Harvard University.

8:00 AM Doors open    

8:00-8:45 AM Warm-up and lane organization.  Please be at your lane by 8:45 AM.  Use the Restrooms before you start. 

8:45 AM  All swimmers must be behind their lane or in the water at their lane.

8:50 AM  Mandatory Pre Race Briefing.

8:55 AM  Singing of the National Anthem. (All lanes should be organized at this time.)   

9:00 All lanes begin  100x100   IMPORTANT NOTE  - Harvard will be installing a new scoreboard and is planning on having it completed in early January. In the event that it has not been finished we will follow a secondary procedure to count total yardage which will be communicated beforehand. If it is installed, we are planning on having CRM member Rick Osterberg assist with the new scoreboard to count the 100s for each interval.  Please take the time to let Rick know how much we appreciate his efforts.  We will use the digital wall-clocks to follow intervals and track total time.

1:00 PM: All swimmers must be out of the pool.

LANE ORGANIZATION BY INTERVAL:  Lanes run slowest to fastest from the 6-Lane Pool and middle deep, to the 8-Lane pool.

INTERVAL TIMES:  Below are base intervals with the corresponding total time needed to complete  100x100, listed in Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.

Interval                     Total Time

2:20                         3:53:20

2:15                         3:45:00

2:10                         3:36:40

2:05                         3:28:20

2:00                         3:20:00

1:55                         3:11:40

1:50                         3:03:20

1:45                         2:55:00

1:40                         2:46:40

1:35                         2:38:20

1:30                         2:30:00

1:25                         2:21:40

1:20                         2:13:20

1:15                         2:05:00

1:10                         1:56:40

1:05                         1:48:20

1:00                         1:40:00

WHAT INTERVAL DO I CHOOSE?  A good place to start is 10-15 seconds slower than your base interval, however, it also depends on your endurance and fitness level.  Some swimmers can complete the  100x100 close to their base interval, while others will need to take it much slower in order to finish.  Error on the conservative side (choose a larger interval) so you will have a better chance of finishing. 

ROTATE THE LANE LEADER: you are encouraged to rotate the lane leader every ten  100s, however, your lane must stay on the original send-off time in order to stay on the correct count. 

RESTROOM BREAKS:  There will be no scheduled breaks during the  100x100. Use the restrooms before you start. If you would like to make up the  100's you missed during restroom breaks there will be time for that at the end, however, all swimmers must exit the pool by 1:00 PM. 

EQUIPMENT:  FINS are encouraged for those who are prone to shoulder injuries. NO PADDLES; paddles are not allowed at this event because we have had issues with swimmers getting injured when hit by paddles.  

FUEL/FOOD/DRINKSNo glass allowed on deck.  CRM will provide water, a variety of energy replacement products, and snacks; however, do not depend on CRM for all your nutrition needs. Bring your favorite energy drinks and energy GELS/GUs, and water bottles.  GELS/GUs are the most popular food every year.  GELS/GUs can be purchased at sports stores.  Please bring GELS/GUs; we will not provide them.

MARK your bottles with tape, a hair tie, or a permanent marker.  Many swimmers will have the same brand and flavor of sports drink in the same lane.  Please do not bring food that will crumble all over the pool deck (NO crackers, muffins, bread, fruit, etc. at the lanes.  Eat these items before the event).       

Fuel often and fuel early.  We do not want to pull swimmers out of the pool who become delirious and incoherent because they forgot to fuel.  Plan on consuming a bare minimum of 150-300 calories per hour during the event, in the form of energy drinks, energy gels, GUs, Clif  Bloks, etc., and other energy sports food.

TIPS FOR THE  100x100:

-LANE ETIQUETTE: Please make sure everyone in your lane has space to finish on the wall (slide over when you touch the wall).  Be courteous to other swimmers, the coaches, and the lifeguards; disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.  Listen to the CRM coaches on deck; they have the final say when making decisions.  Thank you.      

-Eat BREAKFAST before you arrive, even if it is a small breakfast. 

-Use the RESTROOMS before starting the  100x100.

-Bring EXTRA GOGGLES in case yours break. We will provide free swim caps for participants.

-Be behind your lane by 8:45 AM so we can organize lanes. 

-Please bring SPORTS DRINKS, WATER, GELS, GUs, AND SNACKS.  No Glass on deck.  Each athlete is different in his/her caloric needs.  Assuming you start with a full fuel tank, plan on consuming 150-300 calories per hour during the swim; this is merely a general guideline.  Fuel early and fuel often during the event; DO NOT wait until you feel tired or hungry or thirsty.    

-Hydrate continuously.      

-Bring plastic bottles that have easy-to-use squeeze tops, as you may not have time to unscrew conventional tops in between  100s.  

-Mark your bottles with a recognizable feature, as many swimmers will be drinking the same brand and flavor of sports drink in the same lane. 

-Bring easy-to-consume snacks such as Gels and GUs

-Do not bring messy items to eat during the event such as crackers, muffins, fruit, or any food item that will crumble and dirty the pool area. 

-Eat before the event and eat a meal soon after the event.  Fueling before, during and after will maximize your performance and your ability to recover. 

Please forward the above information to all your friends and fellow athletes who are interested in joining us.  We want everyone to be prepared and know what to expect at the event. 

Thank you; see you all on Sunday, January 7th, 2018!