Olympic Development Program Long Course Workout

June 10, 2018 (09:00 AM) - June 10, 2018 (11:00 AM)
June 9, 2018


Long Course Workout June 10 - University of Minnesota

The Senior Committee of MN Swimming is presenting a statewide group Long Course Meter workout as part of the Olympic Development Program to take place at the Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center at the University of Minnesota on Sunday June 10, 2018.

A USA Swimming membership for 2018 is required.


This practice is the second of a series of LCM opportunities envisioned by the Technical Planning Committee, which is charged with developing our Competitive Excellence plan. The hope is to develop our swimmers to recognize the value of LCM swimming and help them become more proficient at it.

The purpose of this practice (and if successful future practices) is multi-fold.

  1. To provide Long Course Meter training time for our athletes throughout the year.
  2. To provide a motivated training environment for the swimmers.
  3. To develop a sense of pride in MN Swimming as we strive to qualify swimmers for the USA Olympic Trials and Olympic Team in 2020.
  4. To build comradery between athletes who attend or will eventually be attending USA Swimming Nationals.

To qualify for this practice swimmers need to have met one of the following time standards:

Swimmers attending must be in good shape and committed to giving a 100% effort at this practice. Swimmers with either motivational or physical ailments should not attend.


The price of this practice will be $5 per swimmer paid in advance when registering online at the Team Minnesota website.


Coaches who attend will have a $3 credit applied to their club's (ACH) monthly billing account for each athlete from their team who swims the practice. If multiple coaches attend from one team the credit will still be $3 for each athlete. All coaches are able and encouraged to attend. There is no designated head coach however there will be someone to organize everyone. Coaches of the attending swimmers will run the practice. Everyone will need to work together.

Practice is from 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM with access to the pool deck beginning at 8:30 AM (Must enter through the north lobby doors, the entrance off of University Avenue).


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Main Set

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Kick Set

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Coaches, please pass this information to both your female and male swimmers and have them register by June 9, 2018. We will not be contacting them.

NOTE: The account on the Team Minnesota website is separate and different than the account you may have set up with your home team. If you have registered for a Team Minnesota event in the past (i.e. Zones or All Stars) you may use that account. If not, please follow the prompts to setup a Team Minnesota account.

Thank you,
MN Swimming Senior Committee