Newburgh Sharks Trials-Finals Team Invitational

Jan 10, 2020 (08:00 AM) - Jan 12, 2020 (11:59 PM)
October, 25 2019


By far one of the best meets of the season! 

Newburgh Sharks Trials-Finals

A few things to remember about this meet: 

1- this is a team scored meet and LBA Has always placed in top 3 here, and we expect the same this year:) You must swim in your proper age group. If you are 14/Under, you may not swim in any open events! No exceptions! 

If you are 13/over, and you make finals, (which means you place top 16 in the am session) You must swim in finals! Saturday and Sunday!!! If you will not stay for finals, do not sign up for this meet!!!

Session 1: 4:30 pm warm up Friday - Open 

Session 2: 7:45 pm warm up Friday- 12/Under 

Session 3: 8:00 am warm up Saturday- 13/Over

Session 4: 1:30 pm warm up Saturday- 12/Under

Session 5: 5:30 pm warm up- Saturday Finals

Session 6: 8:00 am warm up Sunday- 13/Over

Session 7: 1:30 pm warm up- Sunday- 12/Under 

Session 8: 5:30 pm warm up- Sunday- Finals  

DO NOT ENTER RELAYS: These are done based on time by the coaches 

Swimmers are only permitted to swim in 1 event Friday and 3 events on Saturday and Sunday