WEST Last Chance

Feb 5, 2022 - Feb 6, 2022
January, 10 2022


WEST Last Chance Meet

February 5-6, 2022

SPOTS FULL. This meet is first come, first serve. The meet deadline will close EARLY if all spots are filled. Maximum of 50 spots available per session.

Meet Host & Location:

WEST Express

Meet Type: 

Invitational; 11 and Unders will swim in the morning with events swam as mixed ages and genders; afternoon session will be open and with events swam as mixed ages and genders

Participants & Eligibility: 

All swimmers are welcome, including those without entry times. This meet will be pre-seeded and no deck entries will be allowed.

If deemed necessary by meet admin and entry chair, positive check in procedures will be in effect:

****Positive check in will be required of all swimmers 15 minutes after the start of warm ups for each session in order to minimize the number of open lanes due to swimmers who are registered, but do not attend.


$10.00 Facility Fee plus $9.50 per splash, which includes the $2.20 MSI Splash Fee.

Meet Schedule:

Saturday & Sunday morning warm-up sessions will start at 7:30 AM and will end at 8:50 AM, with the meet starting at 9:00 AM. The afternoon warm-up sessions will not start before 12:00 PM and will include an 80-minute warm-up, with the meet starting at approximately 1:30 PM. Positive check in of all swimmers 15 minutes after the start of warm ups for each session will be required from the coaching staff of all participating teams in order to reduce the number of open lanes during competition.

Entry Deadline & Limitations:

We are allowed 50 swimmers per session. This is on a first come first serve basis.


Programs will be available via Meet Mobile and as a PDF on MNSI and host websites


There will be minimal concessions at this meet during the morning session only.

Parents and Families will be able to watch the meet thru a livestream. Swimmers will have the ability to camp in the gym if desired.

Awards, Prizes & Scoring:

11 & Unders will receive heat winner prizes. There will be no other awards, prizes or scoring.

Meet Procedure:

The host team will abide by the COVID-19 Preparedness Plans for the facility the meet is taking place at, including entry/exit procedures into the facility and cleaning protocols. Spectators are not allowed at this event. Masks are not required at this event. Changes to plans regarding spectators, masks, etc will be communicated to all teams attending prior to the meet. no other COVID procedures. Spectators may be allowed (on a limited basis) - pending changing circumstances. The meet will still be live streamed, even if spectators are allowed.

Order of Events:


Saturday and Sunday Morning Events: 11 & Under Mixed Ages / Mixed Gender

Saturday and Sunday Afternoon events: Open events Mixed Ages / Mixed Gender

50 free is offered all sessions; 3 individual events per swimmer per day; No Relays

Event # / Event
1 11/Under Mixed 50 Fly
2 11/Under Mixed 200 Free 3 11/Under Mixed100 Breast 4 11/Under Mixed 50 Back
5 11/Under Mixed 100 IM
6 11/Under Mixed 200 Fly
7 11/Under Mixed 50 Free
8 11/Under Mixed 500 free


  1. 9  Open/Mixed 200 IM

  2. 10  Open/Mixed 50 Breast

  3. 11  Open/Mixed 100 Free

  4. 12  Open/Mixed 200 Breast

  5. 13  Open/Mixed 100 Fly

  6. 14  Open/Mixed 50 Free

  7. 15  Open/Mixed 100 Back

  8. 16  Open/Mixed 400 IM

  9. 17  Open/Mixed 500 Free

Event # / Event
18 11/Under Mixed 50 Breast 19 11/Under Mixed 100 Free 20 11/Under Mixed 100 Back 21 11/Under Mixed 200 Breast 22 11/Under Mixed 200 IM
23 11/Under Mixed 200 Back 24 11/Under Mixed 50 Free
25 11/Under Mixed 100 Fly

26 Open/Mixed 100 IM
27 Open/Mixed 200 Free 28 Open/Mixed 50 Back 29 Open/Mixed 100 Breast 30 Open/Mixed 200 Fly

31 Open/Mixed 50 Free 32 Open/Mixed 200 Back 33 Open/Mixed 50 Fly
34 Open/Mixed 1650