Piranha Summer Chomp LCM Invite Meet (Richfield)

Jun 4, 2021 - Jun 6, 2021
May, 19 2021


Richfield Piranha Invitational Swim Meet 

Richfield Municipal Swimming Pool - Richfield, MN

Long Course Outdoor 50 meter pool


Please check the PDF attachments for Programs/Timelines and more.

Arrival Times and Coaches at Session

Friday PM (13&Overs): 3:40pm (Phil and Chuck)

Saturday AM (13&Overs): 7:35am (Phil, Chuck & Gunnar)

Saturday PM (12&Unders): 2:50pm (Tim)

Sunday AM (13&Overs): 6:50am (Tim and Garrett)

Sunday PM (12&Unders): 1:45pm (Josie)


Below is information from the host club…

COVID-19, Masks & Social Distancing

-  As a reminder, no one should participate in the meet if they are feeling any symptoms of COVID-19.

-  It is recommended that face coverings be worn, especially among individuals who are old enough for a vaccine.  It is expected that all participants respect each other’s choice.

- It is recommended that teams do their best at social distancing within their own team and from team-to-team, especially among individuals who are not old enough for a vaccine.


Spectators WILL BE allowed at the June 4-6 Swim Meet! We must keep our capacity under 500 total people.

-One parent per household will be permitted to watch the meet.  We ask that all teams help us in monitoring this.

-Spectators may not enter the facility until 15 mins prior to the beginning of the session. All spectators and participants can enter the facility from the SOUTH parking lot to the WEST of the main pool building.

-There will not be any concessions available at this meet.  

Warm-up & Diving Well

-         Warm-up: lanes may have no more than 12 total athletes per lane. 

-         The diving well will be open throughout the meet.  There can be a maximum of 20 athletes in the well at any one time.  Athletes may not gather and socialize in the diving well. Those not abiding may be barred from the diving well for the remainder of the meet.

Meet Flow

-         We will do “fly-over” starts.

-         There will be heat staging and one-way traffic flow to keep the meet fluid (see pool diagram)

-         Each team will have a designated camp area either on the pool deck or on the grass to the west of the competition pool (see diagram for assigned area).  Teams must provide their own tents for camping.

Locker Rooms & Bathrooms

-         Locker rooms will be available during the meet.  There is no set capacity in the locker rooms, however we ask that athletes do not linger.

-         The bathrooms in the main pool building will be available for coaches and spectators.

-         Water fountains will be accessible during the meet.

Other Notes

- It is going to be HOT this weekend.  We will provide team tents to stay out of the sun, but come prepared with a lot of beverages, snacks, and sunscreen.  There will not be a concession stand this meet.

- Bring your own camping or folding chair.

Road Construction:

NB 35W will be closed from the 35 Split to 106th St in Bloomington, starting at 10pm Friday.  Please plan accordingly. The easiest route, looks to be 35E to Cedar and then Cedar to 66th (which maybe some of you already do). Allow extra time to drive to the meet and use Google Maps or Waze.

Swimmers need camping chairs and should dress warmly for the morning sessions (think parkas, sweats, hats, socks, blankets) and bring sunscreen for when it warms up. Pack lots of water to stay hydrated. Tinted or smoke colored goggles are recommended for outdoor racing.