2020 ECA Banquet

Apr 5, 2020 (02:00 PM) - Apr 5, 2020 (05:00 PM)
March, 19 2020
Camp Lejeune Black,Camp Lejeune Currents,Camp Lejeune Senior,Carteret Pools Currents,Carteret Pools Senior,Greenville Currents,Greenville Gold,Greenville Senior,Washington Currents,Washington Senior (Camp Lejeune,Carteret Pools,Greenville,Roanoke Rapids,Washington)


The annual ECA Banquet will be held Sunday, April 5, from 2-5 PM, at Yankee Hall Plantation, 3332 Yankee Hall Rd., Greenville, NC.  This event is for all swimmers in the following groups:

  • Greenville- Gold, Currents, and Senior
  • Carteret- Currents and Senior
  • Lejeune- Currents and Senior
  • Washington- Currents and Senior

An end-of-season party will be held at each site for the the swimmers not listed above.  Information about the parties will be avilable soon.  Additionally Camp Lejeune will host their own event.  

The banquet is free for all swimmers in the above groups and children 4 & under.  Fees for adults and additional children 5 & over will be $30 per person.  Registration is now open and will close Thursay, March 19.  There will be a late fee if late registration are accepted.