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January Jump Start Meet

Jan 14, 2022 - Jan 17, 2022
January, 2 2022


January Jump Start - meet information is below, register EARLY to guarentee your spot, meet event page will close December 6th midnight.

GCY Volunteer Links: Please consider volunteering, we have several spots we need to cover for our team entry into this meet:




The Greensboro Aquatic Center has issued the following statement regarding masks:

Greensboro City Manager announced on Wednesday the decision to require masks for everyone in City of Greensboro facilities beginning Monday, January 10.  The Greensboro Aquatic Center is part of the Greensboro Coliseum Complex, which is a city-owned facility.  As a result, you will see the return of “Masks Required for Entry” on all the doors at the GAC on Monday.  Please advised that this means mask will be required for coaches, swimmers, spectators, volunteers, etc., at the January Jump Start meet next week.  Be sure you let all the coaches know, since many teams are coming from outside the Greensboro area.   We will have baskets behind the block as usual for swimmers to deposit their masks before they swim.  Please remind the coaches that swimmer will need plastic bags to keep the masks dry.


Lane assignments for warm-ups each day will be posted at the pool.  Friday evening’s warm-up assignments are based on the actual swimmers competing, not your entire team.  Please do not consider the Friday warm-up session as a practice session.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday AM warm-ups will be split into a 12 & Under session first followed by a 13 & Over session.  We have 25 total lanes available for warm-ups to accommodate 450 to 500 swimmers per split session.  You can run the math as well as I can.  There will be lanes with 20+ swimmers to the lane.  On Saturday, seven of the lanes will be in the new training pool.  On Sunday and Monday, these seven lanes will be in the dive well.

*Note - GCY will limit this obviously to smaller groups in shorter warm-ups.


The 12 & Unders will compete in the “scoreboard” end pool.  13 & Overs will compete for most events in the “dive well” end pool.  We will move some 13 & Over events into the “scoreboard” end pool once the 12&Under session is complete each day.


  • NEW: To facilitate officials’ evaluations and minimize empty lanes, this meet will not be pre-seeded. Coaches should advise Admin of any known scratches for the next morning’s session by 7:00PM the prior evening.  Note - GCY this means you'll have to let us know AT LEAST 1-2 hours prior to that time to give us a chance to consolidate and send our team info to the meet director
  • NEW: All events 200Y or longer will require positive check in for seeding.
  • 400Y IM by 4:30PM Friday
  • 1000Y Freestyle by 4:30PM Friday
  • 200 Fly and 200 Breast by 7:00PM Friday
  • 200 Back and 200 Free by 7:00PM Saturday
  • 200 IM by 7:00PM Sunday
  • 12&U and Open 500Y Freestyle by 8:30AM Monday

Penalties for failure to compete will remain the same:

If swimmers positively check in but fail to compete in events 400Y or longer, they are out of their next individual event. DFS’s may be used for preliminary and timed final events.  If swimmers fail to compete in the A Final, they are out of their next individual event. 

Note - Relays are at night, so several will be coming back for that otherwise GCY swimmers NOT intending to come back for finals should scratch if they make finals OR are within 10 spots from finaling.