Jul 6, 2018 (07:00 PM) - Jul 8, 2018 (09:00 PM)
May, 5 2018
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Colgate Team Travel Info 2018

Dear Colgate Attendees,

I hope we are getting excited for our trip to Hamilton, NY! This is a great weekend for racing fast and hanging our with your teammates off the pool deck. Fingers crossed for a sunnier weekend than last year! 
Cost: $350
Depart: Friday July 6th
8:30am   Pick up for Crimson South at Millbury Park & Ride
 BRING LUNCH FOR THE BUS. It is a 5 hr drive to Hamilton and we will not eat dinner till after the Evening session. 
We will have a practice as soon as we arrive so please make sure you have a practice suit readily available for when we get to the pool. 
We will also make a stop at Price Chopper so that you may buy snacks for the weekend. If you intend to buy stuff bring money. 
Return: Sunday June 8th
ETA 9pm, this is dependent of the finish of the last session. We will have the athletes notify you when we depart. 

Things to Bring:


Racing suit



Backups of all the above

Running/tennis shoes- we walk everywhere once we get to Colgate. 

Water bottles

Sheet for the dorm bed (they do supply them but your own will be much nicer)


Small blanket

Fan- rooms do not have ac

Crimson Team Shirts (Process, Tradition, Respect)

$$ we do let the kids get ice cream Saturday evening downtown


 If you are going to be late on the day of you must let me (Coach Blake) know 401-374-4896

Please email me if you have any questions!
Coach Blake