2018 Gold Training Camp

Dec 26, 2018 - Dec 30, 2018
December, 19 2018


The Preliminaries-Finals championship.

In this type of swim meet, athletes can swim an excess of 10,000 yards per day as they fight in the morning for their spot to battle the competition again at night. This format presents one of the most exhausting challenges in the realm of competitive sports. When championships come down to points in the final session, only those with steel fortitude can overcome this immense physical and mental pressure.

The Kingfish RI Gold training camp is designed to match & exceed this pressure. Morning sessions will be dedicated to developing elite, explosive power skills, and will teach athletes how to be physically dominant enough to secure a Finals spot. Evening sessions will be technically focused, giving athletes the valuable experience of the “Second Swim” at night without subjecting their bodies to excessive breakdown. Although the camp will be rigorous, your athlete will leave this camp with the confidence to approach every swim at every championship with calculated assertion!

This camp is for athletes ages 13&Over only. It is strongly recommended that participating athletes have at least multiple "A" 13yo USA Swimming Motivational Time Standards.