Arctic Splash 12-Under Meet

Jan 18, 2015 (03:00 AM)
January, 18 2015


Arctic Splash 12-Under Meet - Sunday, Jan 18, 2015
Lincoln Community School, Bayonne
Groups attendingJr-1, Jr-2 and DevGroup (12-unders only)
Warm-Ups:  7:00am
SCARLET Timing Assignments (see below *)
Lane #1 - Shukla, Patel, Baltazar, Yang        Alt - Salla, Shu

* Meet Timing Assignment Procedures For Meets NOT HOSTEDBy SAC:  Each assigned family is asked to do about 1 hour of the timing assignment. It is suggested that the listed order be used. However,you may get together and agree to another order. The families listed as ALT will need to help out in the case that one of the assigned families is unable to fulfill their timing responsibility or the session runs longer than expected.