Heat Madness

Jun 4, 2016 (03:00 AM)
June, 4 2016
June 3, 2016
(this is a team hosted event)


Heat Madness - June 4, 2016
Rutgers University
Heat Madness is a Scarlet hosted meet.  All families are required to work a MINIMUM of four hours at this meet (sessions sometimes run long and families are responsible to finish the session they are working).
Groups Attending:  ALL
Sat - 13-Over 400 Frees  -  7:00am
Sat - 13-Over Main Session  -  9:00am
Sat - 12-Unders  -  2:15pm

Below are the report times for the Heat Madness meet.  Be sure to report at the assigned time!!  In addition, please take note of the following -

  1. The AM timer job will consist of two sessions - the 400 free session and part of the next session.  AM TIMERS ARE NOT FINISHED WITH THEIR ASSIGNMENT AFTER THE 400 FREE SESSION!!
  2. The mid-session timers are taking over the timing during the second part of the AM session.  Check in is at 11AM (do not be late - we will need to organize people as the mid-session timers will be taking over for the AM timers in the middle of the second AM session and the switch over needs to go smoothly to avoid delaying the meet).
  3. If you have missed a work assignment previously and need to make it up, this meet is an opportunity to do that.  Simply sign up for an extra session of work.  Remember that families can only get credit per session - you cannot bring several people to the same session and get credit for an extra session. 

Check in times

AM Admissions - 6:45AM

All other AM jobs - 7:15AM

Hospitality Mid - 10AM

Timer Mid - 11AM

Hospitality PM - 2:30PM

All other PM jobs - 2:45PM