Holiday Classic

Dec 14, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Dec 16, 2018 (11:59 PM)
November, 30 2018


Holiday Classic - Dec 14-16, 2018
Rutgers University

Register your automobile for Holiday Classic with Rutgers Parking

To avoid being ticketed during the meet, make sure to register you vehicle with Rutgers!  Use the above link.
Special Request from Meet Host
Warm Clothing (Socks, Hats, Gloves) Donations Wanted:
Before your swimmers enter the pool for their warm-up, please help to "warm up" the less fortunate this winter by donating a hat, scarf, gloves or a pair of socks. The donation bin will be located by the front door near the admissions table. (Gently used items are welcome.)
This is meet only open to swimmers who have achieved the meet qualifying times.
Sr1-A and Jr-2 qualifiers will participate.
Fir 13-Over 500's - 7:10am
Fri 13-Over Main Prelims - 9:30am
Fri 12-Under Session - 1:30pm
Fri 13-Over Finals - 5:00pm

Sat 13-Over Prelims - 7:10am
Sat 13-Over 1000's - 11:00am  (patio pool)
Sat 12-Under Session - 1:45pm
Sat 13-Over Finals - 5:00pm

Sun 13-Over Prelims - 7:10am
Sun 13-Over 1650's - 11:00am  (patio pool)
Sun 12-Under Session - 1:45pm
Sun 13-Over Finals - 5:00pm
SCARLET Timing Assignments (see below *):
Nothing specific at this time, but all participating families should be ready to pitch in if their help is needed.  Thanks!
* Meet Timing Assignment Procedures For Meets NOT HOSTED By SAC:  Each assigned family is asked to do about 1 hour of the timing assignment. It is suggested that the listed order be used. However,you may get together and agree to another order. The families listed as ALT will need to help out in the case that one of the assigned families is unable to fulfill their timing responsibility or the session runs longer than expected.