2018 Holy Toledo Invite

Jun 8, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jun 10, 2018 (03:00 AM)
May, 25 2018
June 11, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)



Eastern Michigan University
Michael H. Jones Natatorium
100 Olds/Robb
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Times -                         Warmups                         Start
Friday-PM                      4:00pm                            5:15pm
Sat./Sun AM                  7:00am                           8:00am
Sat./Sun. PM                 12:30pm                         1:30pm

This meet is a Timed Final Meet.  

Check In – Check in will required. Check in will be available 15 Minutes before the start of the warm-up.  Failure to check in will cause the swimmer to be scratched from all events in that session. Check in will close 15 minutes after the start of warm up for each session. Check in sheets will be posted on the pool deck.

Scratch Rules - Prior to check in close a swimmer may scratch events at the Clerk of Course.  After check in closes, you must see the Meet Referee to scratch an event.  

Marshaling - This is a self-marshaled meet. Heat sheets will be posted in well-trafficked areas around the pool deck. Swimmers will be responsible for reporting to the marshaling area when their event is called.

Seeding - Seeding will be done after check in closes. Swimmers who fail to check in for an event will be scratched from that event. All events are timed finals and will be seeded slowest to fastest.  EVENTS 400 IN LENGTH AND OVER WILL BE SEEDED FASTEST TO SLOWEST ALTERNATING WOMEN AND MEN.

Deck Entries - Deck entries may be accepted at the Clerk of the Course and may swim if space permits at the sole discretion of the Meet Referee and Meet Director. Deck entries are $7.00 for an individual event.  Deck entry swimmers are subject to the Michigan Swimming $1.00 general surcharge if they are not already entered in the meet.  For deck entries, registration status must be proven by providing a current USA Swimming membership card or a current print out of an athlete roster from the Club Portal, the Club Portal is located on the USA Swimming website. The athlete may also enter by showing their membership from USA Swimming’s DECK PASS on a smart phone.  Name, athlete ID and club affiliation should then be added to your database just as it appears on the card or list or the swimmer may compete unattached (UN) if they request to do so.
Time Trials will not be available. 

Meet Programs/Admissions - Admission is $5.00 per person 13 & Over each session. All persons aged 12 & Under, and anyone swimming in the meet can enter the spectator area free of charge.
Heat Sheets will be available each session for $2.00 at the admissions table.
Scoring - - No individual or team scoring will be kept.
Awards – There will be no Awards for this meet.

Results - Complete official meet results will be posted on the Michigan Swimming Website at .  Unofficial results will also be available on flash drive (HY-TEK Team Manager result file) upon request. Teams must provide their own flash drive.


Important Parking Details 

Based upon your parking needs (long term/all day or shorter term) there are the following parking solutions offered to our guests.-

Parking Garage -Long Term/All-DayParking(Come and Go)o$5 (Fri) & $10(Sat/Sun)(Cash only) Will be open at 3:00pm (Fri), 6:00am (Sat/Sun)-

Bowen Pay-In-Lane Lot –Short Term/Hourly Parking -$1.50/hr (Cash/Credit)–Open 6am-2am (no overnight)-

Metered Parking Spaces –Short Term/Hourly or Less Parking -$1.50/hr (Coin only)–Available 6am-2am (no overnight)