Oct 11, 2020
October, 3 2020
October 9, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)




We are cohorting groups and due to current restrictions we will not be allowing mixed group sessions beyond what we currently have scheduled.  These are not Age Group sessions but our own GROUP sessions.  Sorry for any inconvenience and we are grateful to be able to host a meet!
1st session - Elite & Cyclone
 7:30-8:20 warm-up
8:30 - start 
10:45 finish
2nd session - Typhoon & Hurricane
11:30 - 12:10 warm-up
12:20 start
2:25 finish
3rd session - Tsunami & Wave
3:20-4:00 warm-up
4:10 start
6:00 finish

More info in the Meet Packet linked below!

Meet Timeline and Session Heat Sheets all linked below as well

Please read all info below.  We understand that there are significantly more details and protocols to follow than usual, and we appreciate your cooperation so that we can host an official meet at NAHS through USA and Ohio Swimming.

  • We have Heat Sheets & an Estimated Meet Timeline posted below.
  • Please have your Session 2 and Session 3 swimmers write their event, heat and lane on their arm BEFORE they enter the pool area Sunday for their reference.
  • Please have your swimmer arrive at the pool 10-15 minutes prior to the start of their session warm-up.  Coaches will then split warm-ups for the swimmers.
  • We will announce events & heats in a timely manner, and we will not start events earlier than posted event start times.  We will do our best to prevent swimmers from missing events, and events & sessions are spaced accordingly.
  • Meet Mobile will post unofficial results – meet listed as 2020 OH NAAC Fall IMX Challenge
  • We are planning to have live stream video of the competition running on our YouTube channel HERE and on our Face Book page  HERE.
  • Swimmers & Volunteers should enter the building via the courtyard entrance (shallow end, East door).
  • Please exit the building via the courtyard exit (deep end, West door).
  • Courtyard entries and exits will NOT be in use during a given session.  If any swimmers or volunteers will be leaving the meet prior to the end of the session, they must use the foyer/stadium exit.
  • Swimmers should sit socially distanced in the bleachers or in the lobby/back hallway.
  • All Swimmers and Meet Personnel should wear a face covering while in the building except for swimmers preparing to swim at the deep end (west end) of the pool.
  • Parents are welcome to sit in the courtyard, and we will have all courtyard doors to the pool open during competition for viewing. 
    • Chairs and/or small tents permitted only in the grass. 
    • No crowded tents please (it’s supposed to rain off and on Sunday). 
    • Please wear a face covering in the courtyard if you will be in close proximity of others. 
    • Please respect the space of those around you if you are watching your swimmer compete from the open courtyard doorway(s).
    • No restrooms available for non-meet personnel.
  • Swimmers will have access to the outside via the stadium/lobby entrance and exit
    • Only meet personnel allowed in the building (pool area, lobby, etc).
    • Swimmers can remove face coverings while outside only, and only if maintaining social distance.
    • Swimmers should dress appropriately if it might be wet and/or chilly outside.