Officials' Training - Electronic Timing (ET)

May 9, 2019 (07:30 PM) - May 9, 2019 (09:00 PM)
May, 9 2019


Officials' Training Sessions: Electronic Timing (ET) Official

Date: May 9

Location: Tigard Swim Center

Electronic Timing: 7:30-9pm


Hello TTSC Families!!

Whether it’s one of the many swim meets TTSC hosts or traveling to a meet at another club, certified officials (including ET officials) are a critical and required component of a well-run meet.  Some meets even require that TTSC provides a certain number of officials for us to even attend!

As a certified official, you'll have the best view of the meet, while ensuring that the athletes enjoy fair and equitable competition. You will find volunteering as an official to be rewarding, fun, and exciting! Plus, officiating is an easy way to satisfy your TTSC volunteer requirements.  

We will be hosting an Electronic Timing (ET) officials clinics for all those interested, or who may be interested on May 9 at the Tigard pool classroom from 7:30-9pm

If interested in attending please send a note to Jared Wilson (TTSC Officials Coordinator) at jlh2sw@hotmail.com

We hope to see you there!


Some frequently asked questions regarding stroke and turn officials......

What do Electronic Timing officials do 

Electronic Timing (ET) officials are a part of a larger officiating crew. They operate the electronic timing equipment to determine official times. In addition, they may instruct timers on proper timing procedures.

Why else should you consider joining the officiating crew 

You'll meet a lot of great people in the broader swim community. Plus meet time goes by very quickly when you are busy on deck, and it beats sitting in the crowded stands. You'll also accumulate a good number of volunteer hours, and the hospitality food is great!!

What is involved

You must attend a clinic, pass a background check, take a brief online youth protection course, and then do on-the-job mentored training.   

What is the obligation ?

You can set your own pace , but many meets require TTSC to bring a certain number of officials, so if it is a meet in which your swimmers compete, we would love to have you there officiating.