Santa Cruz Senior Group Travel Meet

Feb 14, 2020 - Feb 17, 2020
January, 6 2020


Senior Group Swimmers and Families,

We will be attending a Senior Travel Meet in Santa Cruz from Friday, February 14 – Monday, February 17.  Swimmers must be at least 13yo with 75% practice attendance from 12/1-2/13 or have achieved at least one Senior Open Time Standard. 

The Senior Swimmers will travel with at least 1 coach and 1 coach/chaperon.  Parents may attend the meet but must travel separately and stay at a separate location.  If needed, we may have volunteer requirements depending on the number of swimmers attending.

The plan is to leave together from The Hills upper lot at 1pm on Friday, Feb 14 returning Monday, Feb 17 (TBA).

During the meet we will swim prelims and attend finals(if swimmers qualify).  Any time not at the meet we are planning to have team bonding activities.  

The date of intent to attend is January 6.  Please declare your intent to commit or not commit to attend this event here.  A team travel policy must be signed by parent and swimmer prior to attending.  

Hotel, Travel Fees, and Food will be included in one price.  And will be determined after the deadline to commit.  This is a coach entered meet, once the meet opens for entries, we will enter the swimmers manually as they have committed and the price of entries will be included in the overall fee(parents do not enter swimmers for this meet).  The Fee deadline is January 29th.

This will be a great experience for the Senior Group!  Feel Free to email Coach Shad if you have any questions.  We do understand that some swimmers may have to arrive late or leave early so please make sure to communicate that at the time of commiting to the event.