Bob Miller Sprint/Distance Classic

Nov 2, 2019 - Nov 3, 2019
October, 20 2019
Achievers,Challengers,Explorers,Explorers 2,High School,Sectional (2018 Registrants,Annual Team)


Location: Ray Williamson Memorial Pool

Eligibility: Sectional and Age Group (ACH,CHAL,EXP) swimmers.

Coach Notes: 

Please note that USA Swimming Membership is required to participate. All existing memberships are valid til Dec 2019. If you are new to Metro Aquatics and need to register for one, please contact Yien Folino @ A registration fee of $77 will be added to your next statement and the new membership will be valid till Dec 2020.


Athlete Program


Check-in w/Coach by...

8&U Mixed:

Sessions 1


Session 1:

Saturday, 7:45am

9-12 Mixed:

Sessions 2


Session 2:

Saturday, 12:30 pm

9-12 Mixed:

Sessions 3


Session 3:

Sunday, 7:45am

13&O Mixed

Sessions 1 & 4


Session 4:

Sunday, 12:45 pm

Cost: $12 Surcharge + $4 per individual event (Your account will be charged on 11/1.)

Directions: 8521 Madison Avenue, Bainbridge Island. The team will travel by shuttle(s) from Tacoma area.




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