2021 PNS 14 & Under Champs - South

Jul 30, 2021 (12:01 AM) - Aug 1, 2021 (07:00 PM)
July, 12 2021



Pacific Dragons Swim Team
PNS 14 and Under Champ meet - meet announcement 2 (from host team)

 PNS Champ meet instructions from host team: 

  • Attached you will find the final psych sheet, timeline, lane timing assignments (for parent volunteers), and lanes for warm-ups.  (all files also posted at PDST website under this meet now)
  • Swimmers will provide their own timers and counters for Friday events. 
  • Please remind parents regardless of vaccine status they will need to wear a mask within the pool building.   
  • Athletes will be stationed outside and no spectators allowed in the building.
  • Entrance to the pool with be to the left of the building.  The main entrance of the pool will be locked and there will be signs directing everyone where to go to get to the pool.  The swimmers will be setting up camp outside along the grassy areas beside the pool or under the awnings.  Please let parents know to bring chairs.  Canopies can also be set up for shelter.  There will be a speaker outside so they can clearly hear what events and heats are being called up.  Swimmers are responsible for keeping track of the meet timeline, parents may be helpful in this role for the younger swimmers.  There will be a heat sheet posted and heat sheets will be for sale at the concession stand. 
  • Unfortunately, due to the restrictions on the number of people we can have in the facility there are no spectators allowed during this meet.  We are asking for timing assistance and a timing assignment has been constructed by Suzanne Rychlik based on the number of swimmers each team will bring.  I will attach the list below but you can also find it on PNS website.  Please share this with your parents as it will give them assess to the pool.  Only coaches, officials and meet volunteers will be allowed on the pool deck.  There will be a volunteer table set up outside by concessions for parents checking in to volunteer.  
  • The meet will be live streamed with the link posted.  
  • Masks are required for all individuals inside the pool regardless of vaccination status.   Swimmers that need to use the restroom must wear a mask and are not allowed to congregate in the lockers rooms and must adhere to distancing markers.   Swimmers are to come back out of the locker rooms when finished and head directly back to the exit.  They are not to walk over to talk to their coaches.  
  • Masks are not required for individuals who are actively swimming.  This would include warming up for their event, waiting in the staging area for their next swim and behind the blocks.  Swimmers who are going to swim do not need to enter the facility with a mask on.  They will be directed by the Marshals to either the warm up pool or staging area.  Masks are not required outside.  If however a swimmer feels more comfortable with a mask plastic bags will be provided if needed so they can place their mask in it while their swimming to help keep it dry.  After swimming the swimmer will head counter clockwise around the pool and stop at their coach to discuss their event. 
  • There is positive check in for Fridays 400 IM and 500 free events.  Clerk of the course table will be set up on the pool deck.  
  • Please note the scratch rules for finals.  After a prelim event is completed, and results announced, swimmers will have 30 minutes to declare their intention to scratch or actually scratch from finals at the clerk of course table.  The coach or swimmer can scratch from a finals event with no penalty.  However, if they do not scratch, the top 16 swimmers will automatically be placed in the finals.  if they fail to show for finals they will be disqualified from their next individual event.
Covid rules limit us and create meets we aren’t use to.  I appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing everyone back swimming again.

Two locations:  South: Curtis (Metro/UPAC) - PDST attending pool