President's Day Classic

Feb 14, 2020 - Feb 16, 2020
January, 22 2020
Age Group I, Age Group II, National Prep, Prep


Meet Information

Meet Website

We've set up a website that we plan to use for all official announcements, etc. for the meet.  Please use this to stay up to speed on seeding, results, scores, etc. 




Timers Needed, please fill in all NCAP and NCAP-Burke Slots



Updated Start times:

Friday, February 14          

               500 free and 400 IM Warm up 5:00-5:40pm //Events 5:45pm

Saturday, February 15

13 & over (prelims)  Warm up 7:00-7:50am // Events 8:00am

11-12 (prelims) Warm up 11:30-12:10pm 11:15-11:55am // Events 12:20pm 12:00pm

10 & under (timed finals)Warm up 2:40-3:10pm 2:20-2:50pm // Events 3:20pm 3:00pm

11 & over (finals) Warm up 6:00-6:50pm 7:00-7:35pm // Events 7:00pm 7:40pm

Sunday, February 16                  

10 & under (timed finals) Warm up 7:00-7:30am // Events 7:35am 

11 & 12 (timed finals) Warm up 9:30-10:10am 10:15-10:55am// Events 10:15am 11:00am

13 & over (timed finals) Warm up 1:00-1:50pm   2:30-3:10pm // Events 1:55pm 3:20pm


Scratches & Event limitations

Friday Events

All events Friday will be positive check in (note they are swum fast to slow based on seed times and are combined genders). 

                Check In Deadline (on deck at Freedom) 

Open 400 IM – 5:15pm

13 & over 500 free – 5:30pm

           12 & Under 500 free – 6:00pm


Saturday Finals

There was a procedure that was left out of the meet information for some reason this year: scratches for finals.  It was pointed out that there is in fact a penalty for not scratching from finals if they are qualified.   

Final Scratches: If you are qualified and do not want to swim in the Final, you may “scratch” from the event by following this procedure:

  • You must fill out and sign the scratch form within 30 minutes of the announcement of qualifiers for finals is announced. 
  • You may declare intent to “scratch”. You must fill out and sign the scratch form within 30 minutes of the announcement of announcement of qualifiers, marking the appropriate space for “intent”. If you declare an “intent to scratch” and do not wish to swim finals, you must confirm your scratch on the scratch form within 30 minutes after the conclusion of your last preliminary event of the day or your will be automatically seeded into the event. 
  • If an athlete fails to properly scratch from an event and does not appear for the “Final” event, they shall be barred from further competition of the remainder of the meet.