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PWSL 2022 White Division Championship

Jul 30, 2022 (05:00 AM) - Jul 30, 2022 (02:00 PM)
July, 22 2022
July 29, 2022
(this is a team hosted event)


About Divisionals: With our ten-lane pool, the Wellington Dolphins typically host a Division Championship Meet which is the last meet of the season. The 2021 White Division Championship meet will be against the Kingsbrooke Sealions and the Ridgewood Barracudas.

Divisionals Eligibility: The PWSL By-Laws require that in order for a swimmer to participate in a Divisional Championship meet, they must have A) Participated in two (2) League-sponsored meets this season, and B) may only swim in an event with a valid entry time achieved this season that is not a "coaches time", time trials time, or a time from a prior season. The Coaching Staff will be making entries in accordance with these requirements. There is no exhibition swimming allowed in a Divisonal meet.

Section V of the PWSL By-Laws covers Divisional Meet Eligibility as well as scoring and awards.  You can view this document by clicking HERE.

Divisional Meet Sign-Up: Because there are three teams involved, there is an accelerated meet entry process for a Divisonal meet.  You must ensure that you follow the deadlines for entry into the meet. Since there is no exhibition swimming allowed in a Divisonal meet, if you miss the sign-up deadline, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to put your swimmer in the meet past the deadline. If you declare your intent to swim in the Divisional meet, it is essential that you attend the meet.

Meet Setup: Setup for the meet begins the night before at 9:00 and we will finish up in the morning. There is NO TENT SETUP allowed on the pool deck.  All three teams set up tents in designated areas in the grass on, in and behind the parking lots. Wellington's area is far half of the parking lot in front of the pavilion including the basketball court.  Click the bottom of this page to view the map of the team setup areas, and note areas that are to remain clear. 

Please do not set up your tent in another Teams' area; your usual spot may be set aside for a visiting team.  If you set up in front of the Wellington clubhouse, this area is no longer available for team setup during Divisionals.  We will have the  front sidewalk reserved for vendors and need to keep the front area of the clubhouse clear for volunteers accessing the Scoring and Verifying upstairs.  If you set up in this area, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE. 

Meet Programs: Psych Sheets will be available for dowload from our website mid-week before the meet.  There will be a limited number of programs available at the meet for Volunteers only.

Volunteering: Team Volunteer policy requires that every family participating in the Divisional meet volunteer at least one shift.  If you do not go to the Event Job Sign Up and take the time to sign up for a position, a job will be assigned to you.  We share Volunteer duties with the two visiting teams, so job duties are a bit different from other Home meets.  Also, since it is such a large event, we need extra help with Parking Lot attendants and Deck Marshals.

All Volunteers for ALL shifts need to check in with their posts before the start of the meet.  Deck access to restricted areas will be given to volunteers only for their designated volunteer time.

Parking: There is no parking in the Wellington parking lot unless you have been issued a parking pass.  If you have need for a handicapped spot, please let a member of the BOD know ASAP. Cars must display valid DMV handicapped plates or hang-tag to be eligible. All parking is on neighborhood streets or over at Grace United Mehodist Church. Please be conscientious of driveways and mailboxes, and follow legal parking laws by not parking too close to an intersection or blocking fire hydrants.  ALSO NOTE-you may not park in a Bike Lane as doing so can leave you with a hefty parking fine. Parts of Clover Hill Road and Hendley have designated Bike Lanes. Manassas City Police patrol the area when we host meets, and will ticket or tow vehicles parked illegally.

The circle in front of the Wellington Clubhouse is only to be used to quickly load and unload swimmers and belongings.

Meet Schedule

  • Arrival and check-in with Coaches at 5:45 A.M.

  • Wellington Warm-Ups are from 6:00 A.M. to 6:20 A.M.

  • Officials Meeting is at 6:15 upstairs in the Clubhouse.  A complimentary hot breakfast is provided to all Officials.

  • Clerk of Course Meeting is at 6:15 in the Clerk of Course area.  Clerk of Course volunteers for All Shifts meet with the Head Clerks for this quick overview of CoC processes to ensure a smooth meet.

  • Timers and Recorders for All Shifts meet with the Head Timers at 6:30 A.M. by the corner of the baby pool fence near the start area.

  • The National Anthem and Official Meet Opening is at 7:10 A.M.

  • The meet begins at 7:15 A.M.

Divisional T-Shirt Orders: T-Shirts that were ordered online will be available for pickup at the Welcome Tent.

Clerk of Course: For Divisionals, there is a Boys' Clerk of Course area and a Girls' Clerk of Course area. Girls' area is inside the Baby Pool. Boys are on the deck at the shallow end of the pool.  Please report promptly to Clerk of Course when your event is called. It is important to pay extra close attention to the progression of the meet as sometimes it can be hard to hear the Announcer in outlying areas of the pool property. If you are not at the Clerk of Course when the final calls for the event have been made, the swimmer may be scratched from the event.

Deck Access: Only swimmers and volunteers on their shifts will be allowed on the pool deck outside the designated spectator areas. The deck is off-limits from the main gate, through the Clerk-of-Course areas, around the Starters and behind the Timers and Recorders. Spectators are to view the meet from behind the turn-end of the pool/25-Meter event start area only.

We MUST have Families stay to clean up!  We need to return the pool to the HOA when the meet is over!