2021 Winter Novice Meet Dec 11

Dec 11, 2021
December, 8 2021


Location:  Mater Dei HS
Deadline to enter:  Wednesday, December 8
Update: 12/9/21
Meet starts at 9am and should conclude by 11am.
Meet Program (please print-this has your swimmer's heat and lane assignments)
Heat - if there are more swimmers than lanes used, swimmers are grouped by heats starting with "1".  Some events in this meet have 2 or 3 heats meaning there are more than 6 or 12 people entered in a particular event.
Lane - lanes are numbered 1-6 (indicated by cones);
To read the program, you look at the heat number, then the lane number to find out where your swimmer should be.  
This unofficial novice meet is designed for swimmers who have never swam in a meet before to familiarize parents and swimmers with USA Swim meets. Swimmers who competed in 1-2 meets may enter as well as long as the events entered have a NT for a time.
Since this is an internal SBA meet, this does not count against the FLEX card meet limit.
The cost is $20.  Swimmers will receive a novice meet swim cap.
Talk to you coach about entering and which events to select.
Meet Entry Procedures:
The procedure to enter meets is not difficult; however, there are several steps to take.  As with most things related to parents on the SBA website, you must be logged in to your account to enter the meet.
* Select Attend/Decline
* Scroll down and select your swimmer under Member Name
* Read applicable notes for entering and scroll down to Declaration
* Select Yes to bring up the list of events available based on age
* Select events to enter; note if an event’s time is red, your swimmer is not eligible to enter.  NT means there is no time recorded for your swimmer.
NTS meets are meets that anyone can enter as there are no minimum time standards to enter.
* Save changes
The coach will approve or decline your swimmer(s) events once the deadline passes.  Once the meet file is sent off to the host team, a check is sent on your behalf and your account is billed for the fees.
Payments will charge a few days later, or you can go online and pay directly yourself.