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2020 Summer Daily Schedule

Mar 29, 2020 - Aug 31, 2020
April, 30 2020


Dear Members,

As we manage our way through this time, TTST is offering weekly options for members to participate in organized team practices. Take your time and read each location booking options carefully.  I will be putting out a weekly program around Thursday each week that TTST will utilize until the Truckee pool can open.  There is currently no date set for an opening of the Truckee Community Pool due to COVID – 19. 

Open Water with Kate Rye: Watch the calendar and team news and show up at the location as announced.  Kate swimming and Cyrus paddling safety with other volunteer support paddling will be running open water sessions from Tahoe and sometimes Donner a few times weekly weather permitting.  Please refer to the calendar and team news to see where and when the next open water TTST swim is.  They are fun and hard!  As we get better at offering these, we will start making them available to more levels of TTST.  For now, it is suitable for National to Pre-Senior swimmers aged 11 & Over no number limit. 

XTERA Wetsuits has started a team account / sponsorship for TTST!  Go to and use the checkout coupon discount code  C-TRUCKEES .

Reno:  Book to match

  • Idlewild Pool, Reno:  Ph 775-334-2267.  This is a book to match system for ALL LEVELS of TTST.  Look at the TTST calendar and team news email for book to match options at Idlewild Pool.  Expect 45-minute sessions with the option to add another 45 minutes if there is lane space.  Ask pool management when you are there for your reservation. 

Carson City Aquatic Centter (CCAC):  Reserve on the EVENTS TAB TTST Website

  • Carson City Aquatics Center, Carson City: Ph 775-887-2242.  This will be a weekly option for National / Senior level / Pre – Senior swimmers Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00pm - 6:00pm utilizing 5 lap lanes at 1 swimmer per lane.  First 5 to register get the day.  Register under the EVENTS TAB

No reservation necessary for Saturday team rental at Carson City Aquatics Center!  Show up to participate:  Take the Survey to Attend Carson City Saturdays in July Click Here  .

Saturdays at CCAC from 2:00pm - 4:00pm we will plan to rent the whole CCAC facility to be together as a TTST team ALL LEVELS.  Show up to CCAC by 1:45pm to participate.  

  • National / Senior Level:  2:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Pre - Senior Level:  2:00pm - 4:00pm
  • 11 & Over Regional Novice:  2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • 10 & Under Regional All - Star: 2:00pm - 3:15pm
  • 10 & Under Novice: 2:00pm - 2:45pm

The above schedule is not confirmed and is just an example if we started at 2:00pm.  We are waiting to see what type of interest there is before booking our first Saturday in July. 

Billing reminder for the the upcoming months of July & August:

Our #1/goal over the duration of the/pandemic is to have a financially viable program to return to!/ Our COVID subcommittee and TTST Board are currently working/to keep/our basic team operations afloat, maintain/necessary operational components, and program/what we can for our athletes./ In order to do that, we need your continued support!/ We expect/to hit the ground running/when we return to the Truckee pool without missing a step./ With that,/every active member for the months of June, July, and August would have 3 options for Billing./ 

Email Cyrus Option #1/- 100%./ If you are able to continue paying your full monthly dues, we would be incredibly grateful for your support!/ Again, our primary goal is to have a financially viable/program to return to once this all ends with/the ability to maintain our program's expectations in programming, equipment, travel, pool space, operations, etc.// Right now, we are operating on the very edge./ We are hoping to weather this storm enough to continue/providing/current/future programming, operations, and opportunities for your families! 

Auto Setting Option #2 - 50%./ If you are able to continue paying half your typical monthly dues, we would again be incredibly grateful for your support!/ This will be the default/setting in the system unless we hear from you on how you would like to go forward./ /Again, our primary goal is to have a financially viable program to return to./ Everything helps and we greatly appreciate your ability to continue supporting this awesome program! 

We also realize that much of our community might be struggling through this pandemic.  To show our commitment to your family / kids we will offer 2 scholarship options./ 

Email Cyrus Option #3 - 25%.//This is our normal scholarship option.  Please provide a brief explanation of how this will help.   

Email Cyrus Option#4 COVID – 19 Relief – 0%.  If you are financially struggling through this pandemic and are unable to pay any monthly dues, we will not deactivate your membership/account.  We are committed to your family/kids and hope to help keep them active and engaged over this period of time. 

If you are able/to go with Option #1 or need to go with Option #3 for scholarship, or Option #4 COVID relief at 0%, please reach out to Coach Cyrus (Head Coach / Team Registrar) and let him know so that he can make the adjustment in the system.  We are excited to have everyone stay on the roster and stay active through/the rest of our TTST 2020 summer! 

Cyrus Crews/–