Cane Bay Meet

Jan 23, 2021 (09:00 AM) - Jan 23, 2021 (03:00 PM)
January, 15 2021



Please only sign up your swimmer for their age group events. 10 and unders DO NOT sign up for OPEN events these are for the senior swimmers in the second session.

Entry Deadline is January 15th at 5pm! Please do not wait if you plan to attend. You can simply reply with a yes/no or you can select your swimmers events. I will review ALL events selected and may opt to change them if I feel your swimmer is not ready for the selected event(s). Please ask me this week if you have any questions. 

As of right now we will ask that only one parent or spectator per swimmer/ per event come on to the pool deck. We have limited seating on the deck, so I will ask that you come and watch then return to the gym area with your swimmer. We are looking into live streaming the meet on a screen in the gym. Also, we will make necessary adjustments as to the spectators as needed according to the COVID- guidelines set out by SCDHEC.

TEAM SEATING: Team seating will be in the Gymnasium. All swimmers will be required to dry off prior to entering the Gymnasium. Each team will be responsible for supervision of their swimmers. Clerk of course will be located behind the starting blocks.

Swimmers will be staged in the gym two heats at a time and walked into the pool area. We will have one heat in the water, one heat staged on the deck and two heat staged and ready in the gym area. 

Swimmers/parents/spectators should bring plenty of towels to keep dry between events, bring a chair to sit in and flip flops to wear around. Please bring snack and plenty of water! No soda, candy, or fast food!  Please bring something to keep your child busy other than electronics (cards, board games, books, coloring books) We want them interacting with their teammates not head down in video games!  Also, I am requesting that all parents and swimmers have their masks on while in the gym and walking to and from the pool deck to better keep out team safe!

MEETINGS: Officials: 9:00 am by the side door

TIMERS: 9:15 am behind the blocks
COACHES: 9:15 am by the side door

WARM-UPS: Warm-up times are tentative and will be announced upon receipt of entries.

10 & under warm ups

CaneBay: 8-830am/     Visiting Teams: 8:30-9am

MEET START:  The meet will start at 9:30am.

11 & up warm ups

CaneBay: 12:30-1pm/     Visiting Teams: 1-1:30pm

MEET START:  The meet will start at 1:45pm/ TIMERS MEETING: 1:30pm



If you took the OFFICIALS training course at the beginning of the season, this is your time to shine! We will need all certified officials on deck. Remember your white shoes and white shirt with dark or khaki pants.


Look forward to seeing you all there!