2020 WV Short Course Championships

Mar 12, 2020 - Mar 15, 2020
March, 2 2020


Due to restrictions and precautions within the State of West Virginia and USA Swimming in dealing with the Covid-19 Virus the WV Short Course State Meet has been cancelled.


2020 WV LSC Short Course Invitational Swimming Championships

WVU Morgantown, WV
Tonight an LSC Board of Directors meeting was held and it was decided to 1. Continue to hold the Short Course State Meet and 2. To control the number of people mingling on deck PARENTS WILL NOT BE TIMING. 3/11/2020
Statement from Mylan Aquatics on their sanitation measures.
" We are making every effort to be aware of the cleanliness of the Aquatic center.  Soap dispensers are checked several times a day.  We also have hand sanitizer stations as well as disinfectant wipes in the gym area.  In addition we are using Clorox2 and other disinfectant cleaners daily in combination with nano clean technology.  This process surpasses most event centers in our area.  That being said, I have a rep coming in to add a 3rd layer of defense with a night time disinfectant schedule.  I will follow up with our custodial staff as well as the FM's to ensure that the soap is well stocked (we have 10 cases of each soap on hand even in this shortage).  We are doing everything in our power to make absolutely certain the facility is not only clean but healthy."