2018 Southern Zones Championships

Jul 31, 2018 - Aug 4, 2018
July 30, 2018


2018 Southern Zones Important Notice

Current Coaches Who Have Volunteered: TBA

Announcement:  For the 2018 Southern Zone Meet the following has been approved by the Board of Directors as of 3/29/18.

- The travel fee for the swimmers will be $800 this year for the trip to Midland, TX. The estimated cost of each swimmer to travel is $1,000. The LSC will cover the remaining cost of travel beyond the $800.  We understand that this is an expensive trip. Midland, TX is the farthest we have ever travelled for the Southern Zone meet. Our understanding is that next year the 2019 Southern Zone meet will be back in Cary, NC.

- April 10 is the deadline for letting the Age Group Chair know if you want to participate. Contact the Age Group Chair at 

- The first payment is due by May 1 and the remaining payment is due by June 1.

- The Southern Zones swim practice will be held on May 5 at Salem University Pool at 10:30 AM which is also the LSC Swim Practice and potential clinic with Bryce Bohman. All LSC swimmers are welcome to this practice. The Southern Zone swimmers will have a separate meeting this day after the practice.

- Due to the extensive cost of this meet for this particular year. The LSC has decided to assist the swimmers with the cost of the trip as opposed to purchasing extra apparel. This year the LSC will provide 3 t-shirts, 2 swim caps, and a bag for the first time participants. 

- For this trip the swimmers will be flying out of Columbus, OH to Dallas, TX and then busing to Midland, TX. We are working with a travel agency to arrange the trip. Once we have a confirmed list of those committed to the trip further travel details will be made and announced as to departure and arrival dates and times. Swimmers will be responsible for getting to and from the airport themselves. Carpooling is always encouraged.

- An e-mail will be sent out to all the teams. It is the coaches' responsibility to relay all information to their swimmers.

The list is located below. The names in the yellow section are the top 8 qualifiers based on points. Names in red are swimmers who have declined to attend. Names in green are swimmers who have committed to attend. The list will be updated as people confirm their participation. EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE TOP 8 QUALIFIERS PLEASE STATE YOUR DESIRE TO ATTEND OR NOT. 

  1. Swimmers not responding in the designated time will be dropped from consideration and will only be reconsidered if an age group remains open. Determination will be by the SZ Committee.