Southern Zones Championships

Jul 27, 2021 - Jul 31, 2021
July, 25 2021


UPDATED 07/13/2021

Parade Theme: Rock the Waves

E-Commerce Site for Purchasing Extra Apparel

Southern Zones Guidelines and Updates per 07/12/2021

Southern Zones Itinerary

There will be a Southern Zone team meeting in lieu of a summer practice this year. It will be held on Sunday of the Long Course State Meet in Morgantown at 2:00pm in the spectator seating area. 

Forms that must be completed by participants.

West Virginia Swimming Travel Policy

Medical Release Form

Southern Zone Swimmer Information Form

West Virginia Swimming Code of Conduct

USA COVID Waiver for Athletes, Volunteers, and Coaches

USA Athlete Participation Waiver

Payments must be made out to West Virginia Swimming and mailed to Rick Johnson at 114 Pinewood Ave. Bridgeport, WV 26330.

Email Questions: [email protected]

Location: Tupelo, Mississippi

Southern Zones Qualifiers for 2021

Those highlighted in 'Green' are the top 8 automatic qualifiers. Those highlighted 'Yellow' are designated alternates and will be selected in the order listed if any automatic qualifers opt not to attend the meet. You have two weeks from the posting date to DECLINE the offer to attend the meet, for both top 8 automatic qualifiers and alternates. Please respond on the linked form below only if you are choosing to not attend Southern Zones. Those who are in the finalized list at the end of two weeks will be contacted for further instruction.(06/06/2021)

Decline Attendance Response Form



11-12 Girls
Doretto, Greta
Paulson, Izzy
Snodgrass, Delaney
Greathouse, Peyton
McGrady, Isabella
Mulligan, Chloe
Nalcakan, Maya
Metz, Morgan


13-14 Girls
Romano, Amelia
Walker, Ashton
Patnoe, Lily
Donai, Addison
Schaefer, Maddie
Mullens, Chloe
Wu, Faith
Gazal, Kira


15-18 Girls
Householder, Delaney
Linscheid, Lily
Blosser, Katelyn
Meadows, Jayme
Bobersky, Julia
Ramsey, Alexis
Stanescu, Irina
Shingleton, Camryn


11-12 Boys
Morr, Levi
Lopinsky, Sam
Watkins, Elijah
Berry, Eli
Elkhansa, Ali




13-14 Boys
Harris, Quade
McGlothen, Kenneth
Keener, Jacob
Hadjis, James
Priddy, Levi
Maynard, Hawke


15-18 Boys
Keener, Randy
Sheils, Henry
Redelman, Carter
Fubio, Patrick
Priddy, Daniel
Johnson, Nathan
Rodriguez, Marcel
Bias, Abe