Laps for Charity

May 19, 2022
May, 19 2022



Laps for Charity is a simple, in-pool fundraiser where the kids earn money by swimming lengths of the pool during a fun, team building event. A large portion of donations collected help make a few kids wishes come true at Make-a-Wish foundation.  In 2021 we sponsored two wish kids and were able to make their wish come true(Attached pictures from 2019 event).  Our two wish kids this year are Caleb and Jahlin.  Caleb is a 10-year old from Menomonee Falls who's living with a brain tumor.  He enjoys playing basketball, football, baseball and soccer.  He also likes building with LEGOs, playing video games especially Minecraft and swimming!  He wishes to have a pilot experience.  Jahlin is an 18-year old from Milwaukee who's living with a genetic blood condition.  She enjoys watching Youtube, playing on the tablet, listening to hip hop and R&B and watching Disney shows.  Her with is to go to Disney World.

 This is Kenny one of our  Wish kids from last year, wish granted HERE

Shareable Link to send out for potential donations: Please use this shareable link when sending out information about the event and swimmer sponsorship:  ROCKET AQUATICS LAPS FOR CHARITY DONATION LINK

You can also use the yellow button in the middle of our home page or the QR code attached to the event.

Swimmers ask family members, friends, neighbors, or businesses to make a flat donation of support.  Donations are tax deductible(see attached forms). Each group has a different amount of maximum lengths they can swim during their designated time. Each swimmer can set a goal for how many lengths they would like to accomplish.  There will be counting sheets available at the event for parents to use to count swimmer’s lengths for them. Swimmers are not allowed to use fins, but may use kickboards to kick if desired.  

When:  Thursday May 19th. All Seniors swim 3:45-5:45pm (max 2 hours). All age group swimmers swim 6:15-7:45 pm (max 1.5 hours). Arrive by 5:30pm to check in for the pie-in-the-face event which will be 5:45-6:15pm outside. Back by popular demand, swimmers will get a chance to smash a pie in the coach’s face -see incentives and pictures below.  Location Germantown High School Pool

Why: Rocket Aquatics is once again donating majority of proceeds to Make-A-Wish! There will be food, prizes and music during and after the swim.  Please see attached documents for more details, also attached are sponsor forms and donation receipts

Incentives: Coaches are running weekly incentives (game time at practice) for most kids signed up per group and most donations per group!

Free raffles at the event- lots of good giveaways, lots of treats and music during the event!

Prizes:  $100 raised = swim-cap, $250 raised = t-shirt. 

Every $150 raised will earn one throw of a pie at a coach of swimmer’s choice.

Minimum pledge to participate =$25

(Prizes will be awarded per swimmer, not total family amount)



2019 Max Lengths


260 (6,500 yards)


260 (6,500)


240 (6,000)




180 (4,500)


140 (3,500)


100 (2,500)


80 (2,000)


Instructions for collecting payments:

The minimum donation to participate is $25. Checks can be made out
to Rocket Aquatics, please convert any cash you collect to one check.
Donations are tax deductible, see the website for printable receipts for
your donors. 

Please print and fill out the sponsor donation sheet that is attached to
the event online and hand it in with your money. This helps us greatly to
keep the donations for each swimmer organized and properly recorded,
especially with the PayPal donations. We will not be notifying families of
PayPal donations this year. Please ask friends and family to notify you if
they donate AND to put your swimmer’s name in the notes section on the
donation page. For the purposes of determining how many pies your swimmer
can throw, please do your best to estimate if some donations are
outstanding. Final money is due June 2nd, but you can turn in money at the
event to our volunteers or there is a lockbox at each pool that can be
utilized after the event. Every participant is automatically entered into
the raffles for Speedo Swimming Gear on the night of the event. 

You are asked to fill out this google form at least one day prior to the
event, by noon on Wed May 18. This is the only way we will know if your
swimmer earned the chance to throw pies! For each $150 raised, your swimmer
can throw one pie in the face of their coach of choice! Fill out a separate
form for each swimmer. Please respond once you have at least a good estimate
of the total amount raised; if your swimmer collected pledges per lap,
please estimate based on number of laps they expect to swim.




Wish Profile - Caleb.pdf
Wish Profile - Jahlin.pdf