Short Course Reg- Winter/HS Women/Full-(did not register for Fall Session)

Aug 7, 2018 - Feb 15, 2019
February, 10 2019


Welcome to the 2018-2019 Short Course SWAT Program


Season Dates:
September 4, 2018, to February 17-(Regionals) 2/24(12&U State) or  March 3, 2019(13&O State)

Start Dates-(Week Of)
 September 4: Junior Platinum,Age Group Platinum
September 4: Senior High School Men Gold/Platinum- to 11/11/2018 - return 2/9 to 2/28
September 10th: 8&Under, Age Groups Bronze, Silver, Gold, Junior Gold
******Week Of: November 12th, High School Women Begin***
Highschool women may enter the water sooner if their WIAA season has completed. There is no extra charge for beginning before November 12.  Fee will not be pro rated for beginning after November 12. 

Swimmers who registered for FAll Only-Session Concludes 12/1/2018-

Tuesday, December 4th - Winter Session Begins- All Groups (except HS Women, see above start date)

Registered Highschool Women may enter the water at the conclusion of their final HS meet. Session fees will NOT be prorated to start dates. They are not considered part of the WINTER session as their season begins at the conclusion of their WIAA highschool season which can  be anywhere from JV Conference to Division State meets Nov 9-10. 

It is important to read all information below before proceeding to online registration. Swim fees are based on a session/seasonal commitment and are not **pro-rated and are non-refundable.  Please review all of the group options and make sure you are registering to the correct group/session before completing your online registration. Group Level Description/Fees will be located under Forms and Documents at the bottom.

New Swimmers can join at any time, based on group availability, but must be registered and paid prior to their first practice. **New swimmers joining our team for the first time after being evaluated can have their session fees pro-rated to start date if joining after our tryouts have already taken place.

If your registration is received after the due date your first payment will include a $25 late registration fee. 
New swimmers joining for the first time will have $25 late registration fee waived.

High School Women are encouraged to register and pay by the September  deadline to make sure they are included in all team emails, meet declarations and most important the team gear order that will go out with the Swim Suit Order. High School Swimmers who register after the deadline will have a $25 late registration fee. Only one suit order will be placed. The cost of the suit is included in your registration fee, if you miss the deadline, no reimbursement or late order will take place. 


Seasonal Swim Fees-Payment Options: Session Fees: Swim fees must be paid in full and are due at the time of registration. Check payments must be submitted within 5 days of on line registration. Your registration will not be approved until payment is received. If using credit card option a convenience fee equal to 2.95% of total balance plus .30 will be added to balance due.

For online registration, only payments by check and credit card can be made. ACH auto pay is not available for registration fees, but can be set up  for automatic withdrawal for monthly meet escrow balances. Any past due escrow, session fees must be paid in full before entering the water for the long course session.

High School Swimmers(Senior Platinum/Gold):
Online registration is set up to reflect senior groups by HS Men or HS Women. If you are NOT particpating with a highschool program this season and will swim with SWAT for the full Short Course (September to March 3) please contact Cindy in the office to manually bill the season full session fee. 

Non-High School Swimmers will have several options to register long course:
*Fall Session Only-Ends December 1,2018
*Winter  Session Only-Begins December 4th
*Full session-(Fall/Winter) together at time of registration. Choosing the FULL session option has a  $60 saving over registering for each session separately,  but full payment within 5 days of registration for both sessions is required for the full session saving.   

Multiple Swimmer Discount : There is a seasonal multi-swimmer discount for families with 3 or more swimmers.  Swimmers must be registered online at the same time to get the discount.  Discount is a  per season (not per session) discount.
3 Swimmers=$90 Family discount
4 Swimmers = $120 Family discount
5 or more swimmers = $160 Family discount

Additional Fee Explanation :

Administrative/ Family Registration Fee (Billed 2 times per year)
At time of registration, a $100 Family Administrative Fee will also be assessed to each family (not per swimmer) for the short course season.  If you register Fall only and then opt to register for winter, you will not be charged again for the Administrative Fee. Part of this fee includes your "Family Registration" and maintains your club voting rights. This fee is billed again for the spring/summer long course season. 

USA Swimming (USAS) Membership Fee-2019
All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming as a requirement of joining our program. USAS is a national organization that sanctions our program, provides liability insurance to swimmers during SWAT activities and includes a quarterly subscription to Splash Magazine.New swimmers registered for Fall Session will be covered for the last months of 2018 and all of 2019.

The annual fee for 2019 is $70.

Short Course Session Fees

Medical Excuses
If a swimmer misses practice for more than 3 consecutive weeks due to illness or injury, a portion of the session's fees may be credited toward the next session upon receipt of medical explanation (within 2 weeks of occurance) from swimmers attending doctor.   Doctors’ excuse must provide the amount of weeks out of the water and should be followed up with a release from said doctor before returning to practice. Medical Waivers must be mailed, or scanned and emailed to the SWAT office manager to be kept on file before credit will be applied.
Swimmer must be out of the program entirely during their medical absence to qualify for credit.

Withdrawal Policy
Coaches try to make sure at time of tryouts that a swimmer is evaluated and placed in the appropriate level, and show signs of readiness for the team. On rare occasions, circumstances determine the swimmer is not ready, or the program is not a good fit. If your swimmer starts for the first time this season and by the 2nd week of scheduled practices, you know the program is not going to work,  you may email Cindy Budnik, SWAT Office Manager and ask to be withdrawn from the program.  Your escrow fund and training fee will be refunded if we are notified before the end of the 2nd week.  The $75 Administrative Fee and processed USA Swimming registration is not refundable

ESCROW Accounts (Meet Fees)
Our program is a competitive program and as such, registered swimmers are expected to compete in meets selected by their coach for their  level.  There are entry fees charged by the host teams for each event a swimmer is entered in, usually $4-$5.00 per event.  (Typically a swimmer will swim 3-4 events per day). If a swimmer is entered in a relay, the cost of the 4 man relay ($10-$12) is divided between the 4 swimmers on that relay.  Host teams also charge an LSC fee (Local Swim Committee) of $3.00 per swimmer and may be referred to as a splash fee.  Some facilities that are used and maintained for our championship venues may also charge a per swimmer facility charge. These fees are in addition to the program session fees paid.  We collect at time of registration a $75 Meet Replenishment Fee (Escrow) to hold as credit to start your meet escrow fund. Once a meet is completed the host team provides a result file of the entries, your escrow fund is billed accordingly.  Once SWAT has submitted our team entries to a host, your account will be charged for the meet entry fees even if your swimmer is a no show for an event or doesn’t swim the meet at all. You can make changes up to the SWAT deadline but once they go to the host team, no matter the circumstance our team is billed for those entries and you will also be billed accordingly.

Logging In and Passwords/Account Management: Team Website Powered by Team Unify 

New Families : Once your payment is received we will activate your online team account.  Login Instructions will be emailed to you once your account is activated.
Log in right away, verify account information, enter or update any emergency contact information. Adding your mobile phone carrier/SMS (cell number) should also be considered to send emails and text messages if a practice has been unexpectedly cancelled/changed. Some families are able to check text messages more easily than retrieve emails. The office is unable to set this up so you will have to do an easy setup as approval with your carrier is needed. If you go in to your account and fill out the SMS texting portion, the steps needed will prompt automatically. 

If you do not receive the email with your login information within 2 weeks of registration, please let the office manager know right away.  Your online account is used to declare for meets, volunteering for SWAT hosted events and viewing your online invoice and more. Please be sure to take some time to click on the various tabs and links as a wealth of information about our team and your sport is available via our team website.
From time to time emails are sent only to specific roster groups.  Make sure that your swimmer is listed in the data base in the correct roster or you may miss important emails, meet signups, or social events that pertain to certain groups.  If your swimmer is advanced by the coaches in the middle of the session, please notify the office manager so that we can change the data base to reflect the swimmers new group.  If there is a difference in group fees when advanced, swimmers will be billed the difference between the two groups for the remaining weeks of the session.

Wisconsin Swimming Transfer Form.
Transfers : If your swimmer ever registered with another USA Swimming program in the past, a transfer form is required (see above) and should sent with your registration. Registration(s) prior to 2019 are subject to the current USAS registration fee and must be submitted with the form and included with registration fees.

What about Meet Competition?

Meet Entry Sign Up- Declaring via Team Unify
SWAT utilizes an online meet signup program through our Team Unify website to allow families to declare for meets they will or will not be attending. An email blast will go out 2 to 3 weeks before a signup deadline advising you a meet is ready for declaration and provides a link to follow. You need only simply declare Yes or No to the meet.  If a meet is on your swimmers schedule, you MUST respond to the meet signup – even if you are not attending, you need to simply declare NO to the meet.

Families should be sure to print a Meet Schedule and keep track of the meets your roster levels are expected to attend.  Different meets are selected based on the skill level of swimmers. If your swimmer has been accepted into the SWAT competitive program – every effort should be made to attend
your group levels meets.  SWAT pre-pays a non-refundable reservation fee to hold our spot for an estimated amount of swims based on numbers of swimmers  in a group. If we do not meet our reservation, swimmers who have not properly declared may possibly be entered in the meet and billed for those entries whether you attend or not.

 Each family is given the option to declare and select the swimmers events. If you are unsure of events, just declare them to the meet and use the notes area advising coaches which days your swimmer will be attending (if a multi-day meet) and allow them to select your swimmers events.  Coaches review and approve the entries before they go to the host team. They may reject or add events if they feel a swimmer is not ready yet – or are at a time in the season they would like them to  try a distance event.

Meet information is posted on the Events page of our website  and every event or meet we are attending will have “MEET LANDING PAGE” created which will provide information about location, warm up times, sessions, events available etc. Once the host team deadline occurs and each team has submitted their entry, the host team will “seed” the meet and then provide approximate timelines for each day/session of the meet. This information is also posted on the meet landing page for that event.

 You will need to be logged into the SWAT team website to declare for events. You will receive e-mail notification when events are posted.  Since you are responsible for meet signups online and entry fees incurred, we encourage you to check the events pages frequently as well as the meet landing pages associated with the event.

If you do not keep sufficient funds in your escrow account to cover the impending meet entry fees, your swimmer may be blocked from the declaration process/meet signup. Your online account is viewable 24/7. Please be sure to check after meets to review your meet results and meet escrow balances.

If you have questions about choosing meets/races for your child, please talk to your child’s coach. If you do not understand the entry process or need help please contact: Cindy Budnik at  

Late Fees
It is your responsibilty to check your online account to review your account charges and balances.
Billing summaries will be e-mailed to you on the 21st  of each month that will detail meet entry fes and any other charges that occurred in the previous month. If you are logged in, you can view your account invoice details 24/7 to check on your escrow balances.   Payments are due by the 1st of the month to avoid a $10 late fee. Accounts that are past due more than 30 days will have their account blocked from subsequent meet signups and may result in entries already approved being removed until account is paid and a  positive balance is back in your escrow account.

No checks or paperwork should be given to coaches at practices.

To set up autopay to protect your account from late fees: On the home page, Click on "My Account" My Account again, and then choose Set Up Auto Pay. Click the Current Payment Method drop down. Click to charge either the Bank Account or Credit Card Option. Click Edit, fill in your credit card info of bank account data and SAVE Changes.  Credit Card balances will be posted to your account on the 1st of each month when Team Unify bills any charges from the previous month. 2.95% of balance is added by Team Unify for credit card processing.
$1.25 is billed to ACH accounts only on the months you have a past due balance on the 1st of the month.

Checks should be made payable to SWAT and mailed to the office manager:
Cindy Budnik
W172 S7707 Lannon Drive
Muskego,WI 53150  

Practice Schedule- SWAT HOT LINE: 414-226-8577 (Check daily to confirm practice and daily team news).
Schedules are located by holding your cursor over the red tab on the home page labeled “Schedules” to create a drop down. Select Practice Schedules from the drop down. SWAT makes every effort to adhere to the printed practice schedule but sometimes due to unknown facility conflicts, pool maintenance issues, weather closures etc, practices need to be cancelled, moved , or rescheduled.  We make every effort to contact groups affected by schedule changes/pool closures via emails but we also use a “Hotline” that you can call before you set out to practice to confirm your swimmers practice. . A  15 second phone call right before leaving, can save needless driving time/frustration. . Please call 414-226-8577 on days you are practicing.

Canceled Practice Policy
SWAT Reserves the right to cancel/change practices and no refunds or credits will be given for cancelled practices. Your swimmers’ training is important to our coaches and every effort will be made to reschedule if possible.

Swim Practice Equipment
For practices, swimmers may wear any color and style of suit. (Polyester suits have more longevity as a practice suit). Good fitting goggles are a necessity and also a swim cap for anyone who wears a cap. We do have some equipment at the pools available for use, but  your coaches may require swimmers to have their own equipment for practices. Our TEAM GEAR link on our home page lists the basic training equipment needed per group
 level. A link to All-American Aquatics, 1-800-910-7946 to order is also on the team gear page.

Swim Meet Apparel
SWAT swimmers are required to wear a solid black suit and a team cap ( if wearing a cap)  when competing in meets. A suit will be included in registration for all swimmers registered and paid by 9/1. 
Meet suits are generally made  of a different material than suggested for practice suits. They are worn considerably tighter than a practice suit. Suits and sizing help are available from All American Aquatics and our website does have links to various other local and online vendors. SWAT cap purchases can be made at practices and meets from the coaches and/or our Team Gear Coordinator. SWAT logo gear should be worn to all swim meets and are also available through our team store. Special orders for personalized SWAT caps and warm-ups are placed each season. An email blast is sent when orders are being taken.

Our TEAM GEAR link on our home page lists the basic training equipment needed per group
 level. A link to All-American Aquatics, 1-800-910-7946 to order is also on the team gear page.

Volunteering: ( Page Link for more details)

SWAT Hosted Meets - Meet Worker Requirements
SWAT hosts a variety of  meets (1 to 2 ) per season. Hosting meets are an important source of revenue for our team and requires many volunteers to run a meet properly.  Working at SWAT hosted meets gives you the opportunity to meet other SWAT parents and learn more about your swimmers sport. Each registered family is expected to volunteer for a determined amount of shift sessions for SWAT hosted meets. Meets may be one day/ 2 session meets or can be 3 day meets with 5/6 sessions requiring many more workers.

Number of shifts per family are determined by the number of meets and meet sessions and also by the number of registered families during the season  hosted.  Each family has the same requirement regardless of the number of children on the team. New families may have fewer or no requirements their first season, based on the team needs.  Even if your child does not swim in the meet, you are required to work at our SWAT hosted meets. This includes our highschool season swimmers as well. 

The revenue that is generated at SWAT hosted  meets benefits all families and as such requires a fair distribution of the work load for everyone. 

Swimmers 15 years of age and older are able to help with this, along with other family members and friends. Many schools and community organizations require volunteer hours - we are happy to help them fulfill them working at our events! Just ask us for needed documentation.

Shifts are usually 4-5 hours long.  There are a wide variety of jobs and areas to cover and most do not require previous experience. The number of sessions required this session will be emailed by the volunteer coordinator at the beginning of the session once meet schedules and registration numbers are finalized. An e-mail will go out to let you know when online sign up through our team website is available.

We prefer the workers, but to place a value on others time who DO volunteer,  if you are unable to fulfill the requirements or if you wish to buy-out of this meet worker requirement, the cost is $100 per missed shift.  If you sign up to work and do not show up, the cost is $150 shift. 

Dates for SWAT hosted meets this season can be found within the Registration Info Under Forms/Documents and on the Volunteer Link on homepage.

Optional Fundraising
We offer several  fundraising events during each season that are voluntary but your participation can help offset the cost of swim fees. 75% of the profits are credited to your fundraising account, which can then be applied to Spring/Summer 2019 training fees. Any fundraising done between July 21st-FEbruary 21st  will be posted as a credit to your long course registration. . For information regarding our various fundraising events, click the Fundraising Tab on the home page.

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