2022 NEOY Division 2 Championships

Feb 5, 2022
January, 22 2022


Division Championships is the championship meet for ALL GYB TEAM MEMBERS.  

Results from this meet will be used to determine who continues on to League Championships in March.



Meet Information

About the Championship

Date: February 5, 2022

Location: University of Akron Ocasek Natatorium

GYB Committment Deadline: Friday, January 21, 2022

Meet Timeline

NOTE: The facility will not open until 7:00am

Session 1:    8 & under and 9-10 age groups

Warm up:      Girls from 7:30-8:00am.                Last 10 minutes 1-way starts

                               Boys from 8:00am-8:30am.           Last 10 minutes 1-way starts

Meet start time is 8:45am.


Session 1:    Coaches Meeting: 7:15am in the Hospitality room

Officials Meeting: 7:30am in the Hospitality room

Timers Meeting: 8:00am outside the Hospitality room


Session 2:    11-12, 13-14, 15 & Up age groups

A timeline and lane assignments for the afternoon warm-ups will be emailed out to the coaches by

Tuesday, February 1st.


Session 2:    TBA


Volunteers Information

REQUIRED OF EACH TEAM: Each team is required to supply:

  • 2 Officials each session. 
  • 3 timers each session
  • Age Group coordinators who will get their team swimmers to the Clerk of Course or to the Blocks for their events. It will be each team's responsibility to get their swimmers to the blocks (9 & over) or to the Clerk of Course (8 & under individual events ONLY). Each team is responsible to get their 8 & Under relays to block area.



Entry Information



ENTRY LIMITS:  Each swimmer may enter and compete in a maximum of two (2) individual events and two (2) relay events.  If a team has fewer than four swimmers entering in as age group, then the swimmers can enter in three (3) individual events.  Teams have no limit on the number of entries for each event.


USA-S IDs: Only USA-S registered athletes should have an ID number in the Meet Entry File.


ENTRY FEES: Individual events are $4.00 Relay events are $12.00 per relay team.  GYB Team entry fees are paid by GYSB.

Info below is subject to change

Morning Session:  10 & under swimmers       Afternoon Session:  11 & over swimmers



402 Carroll St.

 Akron, OH 44304

    LATE ENTRIES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.  Please indicate whether or not your child can participate in our Championship meet NO LATER THAN January 21, 2018.


The Barracudas fall-winter regular swim season wraps up with a Division Championship Meet where all eligible Barracuda swimmers will swim in two individual events, and up to two relay events. This is a large championship format meet where the coaches will place your swimmer in the individual events they feel are their strongest events, and where they have the potential to score the most points.

This is a team competition and our team goal for this meet is to have 100% participation and to place in the top 3 in the final standings.

Individual goals for our swimmers are to:

  1. 1 - Successfully complete all events without disqualification and achieve personal best times,
  2. 2 - Demonstrate responsibility by being on time to events,
  3. 3 - Show kindness and care to other teams and the facility,
  4. 4 - Show up as one - we are a team - cheer for & encourage teammates (black GYB swim caps only for Divisionals), and
  5. 5 - Good Sportsmanship - Stay in the water until all swimmers have completed the event, win or lose - walk away from the pool with a smile & congratulate the winner.

Eligibility for Division Championships

  • Swimmer must have represented his/her YMCA in at least 3 YMCA  meets during the current season.

All swimmer entry fees for the Division Championships are paid by the GYSB.

The results from the Division Meet determine who will qualify to swim in the League Championship Meet. For swimmers who do not qualify for the League Championship meet, the season is officially over following the Division Championship meet. (Exception: USA Swimming members who are registered for a USA Swimming Championship meet)