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Opt Out of Long Course - Sign up

March 25, 2012
March 25, 2012
March 25, 2012
(this is a team hosted event)


It’s hard to believe, but long course season is almost here.  It’s time to stop thinking about swimming yards and think meters.  Summer is almost upon us and then yards are just for mowing!

In terms of your OLY account, here’s what you need to know.  Last fall, we officially made the move to being a “year-round” swim club.  This means when you registered in September, it was for a full year (September to September).  If you don’t notify us to the contrary, we will assume that you will be swimming with us through the end of long course.  If you want to suspend your account, here are your options:

  1. Go to the “Opt Out of Long Course” sign-up and declare your intentions right now.  Please make sure you specify the name(s) of the swimmer(s) opting out in the “Optional Contact Info box” that appears when you click on the sign-up button.  You have 3 choices:
    1. No Long Course
    2. No June and July
    3. No July
  2. If you do not declare your intentions now, you can petition the board to suspend your account at a latter date but you must follow the rules outlined in the by-laws.  This means you must make your request at least one month prior to your intended leave and it must be in monthly increments.  Requests should be sent to the President (olyprez@gmail.com), copying the Vice President (olyswimvp@gmail.com) and Membership Coordinator (olymembership@gmail.com).

Fees for long course will remain the same as last year.  They are shown in the table below:


Monthly Fee (April-July)











The registration fee you paid last September is good through the end of long course.  There will be no additional charges.  Even if you opt out of long course you can still choose to compete in the meets OLY attends.  You’ve already paid for them.

Group lists and tentative practice schedules are attached.  Please note that there is some uncertainty regarding our schedule for July.  OU will be closing their pool for significant renovations.  We will be practicing primarily out of Avondale during this time (SB at Great Oaks).  Senior Red & Blue practices will be in the morning.  Technique and the Junior groups will practice some time in the afternoon/evening.  We will let everyone know the schedule as soon as it becomes available.  We realize that this is difficult to plan around and we appreciate your patience.  In the end, it is to our benefit.  The renovations at OU will be a good thing for all of us.