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Island Swimming Club

The Island Swimming Club's swim program provides opportunities for all interested swimmers to a certain age to engage in a wholesome, lifetime, lifesaving, sport and personal activity.

The prime responsibility of our coaching staff is to help develop each swimmer under their direction to the fullest potential of the swimmers interests and abilities. There are different parts to this responsibility, but they all revolve around providing interested people with the opportunity to learn to swim well and then to swim fast. Coaches provide our swimmers with the best possible stroke work and training for their stage of development. Coaches also provide incentives for swimmers in an effort to spur on their interest and to develop a strong, supportive environment in which all swimmers feel comfortable and can support one another in their efforts to become the best swimmer that they can become.

The Coaching Staff is here to support your needs. For all questions related to group movement, workouts, meets, events, goal setting, safety, or even policy issues, please contact your squad's coach.