Masters Swimming Registration

Aug 19, 2015 - Dec 31, 2022
December, 31 2022


The Sea Devils are proud to offer the Sea Devils Masters Program to our community!  This program is for those ages 18 and over who wish to participate in the sport of swimming for fun, fitness and/or competition.

We will offer 60-minute practice sessions three times a week.  Most of the practices will be held in the evenings.  All workouts will be created and led by an experienced Masters coach who will be available on the pool deck for instruction and feedback. 

Sea Devils Masters is a work-out group within the Minnesota Masters Swim Club, affiliated with US Masters Swimming (USMS).  USMS is a national membership-operated nonprofit organization that provides basic membership benefits to nearly 60,000 Masters swimmers across the country.  These benefits include insurance, SWIMMER magazine, sanctioned events, and many others.

Wondering if this program is for you?  Click HERE to get more general information.

Click HERE for more information from our website and instructions on how to get started with the registration process.  You can register for this new Masters program on our website at any time!

We’re looking forward to seeing YOU in the pool!