2016 Junior Member Registration (with or without swim team)

Apr 26, 2016 - Sep 5, 2016
September 5, 2016


Junior Membership is designed for a teen who is (13 yrs of age by June 15th 2017) to include unlimited use of the pool during open swim hours. This individual membership is not eligible for guest privileges nor party facility rental.  This membership is not extended to other members of their family. Junior Memberships are offered for the full season, 1st half or 2nd half of the season. Junior Membershp are elegible to join swim team and/or the water polo team so long as the duration of the menbership spans the sport's seasonal schedule. Family volunteer respoinsibilities do apply to these sports.

           $ 200   Full Season Junior Membership (early May-early Sep)

         $125   First Half Season Junior Membership (early May-July 16th)

         $125   Second Half Season Junior Membership (July 16thearly Sep)

Please note: When registering your minor for a Jr. Membership: The account owner are the parents, but the parent do not have a membership and do not have use of the pool during open swim hours. The junior teen needs to be added as the 'member' on the account. Two sibling teens can sign up under one account as Jr members, be sure to add both teens as 'members'.