Parents Q & A Meeting at 5:15

Sep 17, 2019
September, 17 2019


Parents Q & A Tuesday September 17 at 5:15 Please plan on joining us for our ‘parents only’ question and answer session. We are doing this at the pool during workout time, so it will be when your swimmers are occupied. This is an opportunity for our team parents to gather, get to know one-another, and talk with each other, parent-to-parent. Both new and experienced team parents are encouraged to participate! Some of our parent volunteer leaders will be on hand to facilitate the discussion, and Coach Kathy will also be on hand. But really this is all about you… sharing your ‘tips and tricks’ of successful swim team parenting, and opportunities to ask others how swim meets work (especially helpful right before our first meet of the season, the next day), how you incorporate family dinner into the schedule; homework before or after workout; what to do when it’s cold outside; handling your kids successes and disappointments with swimming, and so much more. Please plan on joining us!