Fitter and Faster: Explosive Performance & Race Strategy Camp Series @ Tupelo

Jun 25, 2021 - Jun 27, 2021
June, 25 2021


Explosive Performance & Race Strategy Camp Series –SAVE by signing up both days of one camp or multiple days across multiple camps! Click HERE to register.

This camp series consists of three 2-session swim camps. The first camp will work on enhancing racing strategies for specific race distances. The fastest that your swimmer is ever moving through the water is after the start and after every turn, and the last two camps in this series will focus on developing those explosive skills. 

June 25-26: Race Strategy Camp: 100’s & 200’s (Ages 13 & Over)
June 26-27: Race Strategy Camp: 50’s & 100’s (Ages 10-12)
August 27-29: Comprehensive Starts Camp
December 17-19: Comprehensive Turns Camp

Swimmers 9 and under will have one 90 minute session at each camp:
June 27: How to swim fast!
August 29: Explosive Starts & Underwaters
December 19: Fast Turns & Finishes

Session sizes are limited to no more than 24 participants to ensure the highest level learning experience!

Session Times (all camps):
Ages 13 & Over

Friday: Check in 4:30 PM, Clinic 4:45-7:45 PM
Saturday: Check in 9:30 AM, Clinic 9:45-12:45 PM
Ages 10-12
Saturday: Check in 6:15 AM, Clinic 6:30-9 AM
Sunday: Check in 7:45 AM, Clinic 8-10:30 AM
Ages 9 & Under
Sunday: Check in 11 AM, Clinic 11:15-12:45 PM