Sunkist Orange Blue @Natchez

Aug 25, 2018
August 17, 2018


Our first meet of the season will be a fun little intrasquad meet at the awesome new outdoor pool in Natchez.  You will be able to drive down and back same day for this meet.

Swimmers will be divided up into Orange and Blue teams for the meet.  Great meet for our new swimmers to get to know everyone!

We will need all hands on deck to run a terrific meet for the team.  Even if you do not have a child in the meet, highly encourge you to come down to see the pool and help out.  We will need help with jobs just like meets at our pool and also plenty of tents to put up on deck so our swimmers can stay shaded throughout.  Job sign-ups to be posted soon.

This is going to be a very FUN meet.  Sunfish swimmers who have never been in a meet get with Coach Erica to see if your swimmer is ready to race.

See meet annoucement for event details.