Florida Swimming
Level 3
Excellence 200

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)

Aug 7, 2019 - Aug 31, 2099 (01:00 AM)
August, 31 2099


Welcome to T2 Aquatics Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAPP).  All members of T2 Aquatics must proceed with this online registration event agreeing to the USA Swimming MAAPP policies.  During this registration you will verify your contact information and be able to click on and agree to the MAAPP Policy.  During this registration it will appear as if you have to go to payment processing.  The fee is $0 for this event.  Please click on "Register Online" to proceed.  Thank you for your time reading and agreeing to this policy to help keep our athletes safe!

  1. Click Register Online.
  2. Click Continue (green bar) at the bottom.
  3. Verify Billing Information (There will be no charge).
  4. Select each athlete on your account, verify information, choose “MAAPP Waiver Signing” as the group to register for.  Click that you have read and agreed to the MAAPP Policy.  Click Continue.
  5. Confirm account information and registration fees (which are $0).  Click Submit Registration.