WSY Superbowl Challenge 2020

Feb 2, 2020 (09:00 AM) - Feb 2, 2020 (02:00 PM)
January, 27 2020
January 31, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)
AGB,AGC,PRS,SR (Northern York High School,West Shore YMCA)


 YMCA Super Bowl Challenge

Sunday, February 2, 2020

This meet is held at Cumberland Valley High School

Team Entry Information

  • This meet is open to all WSY swimmers in the following practice groups (SR, Pre-S, AGC, and AGB).  Age is determined as of 2/2/20. 

  • This is a YMCA meet.  Those swimmers that participate in this meet will get credit for one (1) of your (3) YMCA meets needed to participate in the Y District meet in March.

  • Entries are due by Monday, January 78 at 9pm

  • To View a copy of the available events, click here

  • Swimmers that wish to participate in this meet will be registered for all three (3) events.  The purpose of this meet is to swim all (3) three events

  • Warm-ups are 10am (arrive at CV by 9:45am) [timeline]

  • The meet will begin at 11am.  The detailed timeline as to the start time of each event is here. 

  • Entries received to date are here  

  • Pre-Meet Psych sheets from all teams entered are here  

  • We will need volunteers for the meet. Current list of volunteers is here

  • All swimmers entered in this meet must have a parent listed to volunteer