Fall Festival

Oct 19, 2013 (03:00 AM) - Oct 20, 2013 (03:00 AM)


Fall Festival - Oct 19-20, 2013
Princeton University
This meet only open to swimmers who have achieved the meet qualifying times.
Sat - 12-Under Session - 7:00am
Sat - 13-Over Session - 1:00pm

Sun - 13-Over Session - 1:00pm
SCARLET Timing Assignments (see below *):  Updated 10/16/13
Sat - 12-Under Session - Boys Pool Lane #3 - Shukla, Sheth, Lawas, Jones     Alt - Portnoy
Sat - 13-Over Session - Girls Pool Lane #7 -  Sterner, VanDeVeen, Winchock, Park      Alt - Yoon
Sun - 13-Over Session - Girls Pool Back-up Timer -  Malhotra, Zhou, Wang (Michelle), Han     Alt - Sharma

* Meet Timing Assignment Procedures For Meets NOT HOSTEDBy SAC:  Each assigned family is asked to do about 1 hour of the timing assignment. It is suggested that the listed order be used. However,you may get together and agree to another order. The families listed as ALT will need to help out in the case that one of the assigned families is unable to fulfill their timing responsibility or the session runs longer than expected.