HEAT Fast Skin Policy

Championship (Fast skin) suits are a privilege to wear and should only be worn at selected meets and times of the year based on the coaches discretion.

Championship (Fast skin) suits may be worn for FINALS ONLY at the following meets: Mark Braun Fall Classic (including Friday evening distance events), TYR Shaker Shark Invitational (including Friday evening distance events) and Jim Scullion Age Group Showdown.  Fast skin use at the Pittsburgh Christmas Meet/Miami Makos Meet is TBD and will be communicated to those swimmers attending the meet. 

Championship (Fast skin) suits may be worn for Prelims and/or Finals at ALL Championship Meets including Age Group Champs and Senior Champs, Zones, Futures, and Jr. Nationals.

Please wear your HEAT team suit during all other meets/sessions and time trials.

Coaches have final discretion on fast skin usage. Any questions, please direct them to the HEAT coaches.

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