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May 4 2018

May 4, 2018 - May 6, 2018

It is snowing outside, but lets talk about MAY!!! This will be our first Long Course meet of the Spring-Summer season! To our younger and newer LBA Swimmers: This meet will be held in Long Course M...
June 1 2018

Jun 1, 2018 - Jun 3, 2018

A great quick weekend trip to Lancaster for a great meet! We have been going to this meet for the last few years and really have a great time! Franklin & Marshall College 929 Harrisburg pike - Lanca...
July 5 2018

Jul 5, 2018 - Jul 8, 2018

Time for North Baltimore Trials-Finals!! This is a great trials -finals meet for all age groups! Its a great experience for the 12-unders to get to swim trials-finals (helps prepare them for senior ...
July 14 2018

Jul 14, 2018

I know its hard to believe but this meet will probably be the last one before JO's in the summer. At Eisenhower, nice and close. One day- two sessions Session 1: Ages 9-10 & 13-14 8:00 am Warm up-9:...