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Maumelle Marlins 2020 Swim Meet Info


What will a swim meet look like for us?

Swim meets this season will look and feel a little different this season than in past years. Instead of competing with one or two other CASL teams on a Saturday morning, we will have three home meets where swimmers only compete against other Marlins swimmers. The times will be recorded and entered into the league system, for compiling and ranking with other swimmers in the league, as other CASL teams have their own meets. You will receive an email when it is time to register (or declare) for a swim meet. Because it is only our team competing, the  meet should only last about two hours. 

If you are a new family with the Marlins, we hope these meets will be simplified, short, and easy to navigate, but still allow you to get the feel of what a swim meet is like. We encourage everyone to participate in the meets that we have scheduled, as you will see the progress your child makes as our season goes on. If you are a returning family, we hope you enjoy the “new” meet format we have planned for this season.

Do we still need volunteers for swim meets? What positions are needed?

YES! As noted in our registration, we ask that all families volunteer during swim meets. We will need 8 timers, two back-up timers, parents to help with set up of tents/chairs/etc. We also need three or four stroke and turn judges, an announcer, a starter, a clerk of course workers, and two or three data/computer workers. We also need a volunteer to help wipe down/sanitize kick boards as they are used during the meet. This year will not need to fill the place judge positions, and we will not have a break or shift change.  We will send out emails asking for parents to sign up for volunteer positions prior to each swim meet.

Social Distancing for spectators and swimmers

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) has issued a Directive Regarding Large Outdoor Venues for Phase II, which was effective June 15th. These directives will apply to our swim meets. This year we will have check in for meets at the table in the pool breezeway, for attendance to report to the City, if needed. Temperature checks will be done for coaches, staff and athletes upon check in. In order to comply with the directives from ADH, and to maintain the 160 person limit implemented by the city, families should set up tents or shelters outside of the pool gate. Family groups may sit together, but 6 feet should be maintained between groups.  

ADH directives also state the following: “face coverings are required for all persons present, except for children under 10 years of age, who are exempt. For outdoor venues, once attendees are seated and maintaining 6 feet physical distance from others, face coverings may be removed. However, if moving around where social distancing is not achievable, such as in food and beverage areas, or any area where there is confinement such that 6 feet distancing cannot be maintained, the face covering must be put back in place.”  This rule must be followed and will be enforced by parent volunteers and/or the lifeguards. Please maintain a safe distance when standing in the pool area when watching your swimmer race, and return to your seat when your swimmer has completed their race. We also will have the area on the west side of the pool (outside of the fence, on the hill behind the stair-step seating area) designated for tents and viewing races. This area has a great view of the pool!


Warm Ups, Heat Sheets, and Meet Results

Swimmers will warm up by age group. It is important that swimmers participate in warm ups so they are loose and ready for their races. We will send out heat sheet the day of the swim meet. This will show what event number, heat, and lane your swimmer will be in for each race. Please print this out and bring it with you, as we will only have a limited number of extras printed out. This year, race results will not be posted during the meet. Instead parents can download the Meet Mobile app to view race results. If you do not want to do that, meet results will be sent out after the meet.

Clerk of Course

Clerk of course is the area where swimmers gather before their races. The announcer will call each event number and that will be the cue for your swimmer to go to clerk of course. The events will go quickly, so swimmers need to be listening for the announcer and ready to go to clerk of course when it is time to do so.

Swimmers who are 8 and under will start their 25 yard races from the deep end of the pool by the red slide and diving board. Swimmers who are 10 and older will start their 50 yard events from the shallow end of the pool. The IM event will start from the shallow end for all ages. Based on the participation of swimmers for each age group, we will have multiple clerk of course areas divided up by age group. Signs will be posted for these areas for swimmers to know where to go.


One event we swim is the freestyle relay. Coach Quincey will select swimmers for relays by age group. If you do not wish for your swimmer to participate in a relay, please indicate this in the notes when you sign your swimmer up for the meet. 

Kickboard Event

We will have the kickboard event as the first race of the meet. We ask that only swimmers who are able to complete one length of the pool with a kickboard, and without assistance from a coach in the water, sign up for this event.


You may take photos or videos of your child swimming their race. Phones/cameras etc. will not be allowed at either end of the pool by the red slide, or behind the timers. If you are a timer, please do not use your phone while you are timing, as your main attention should be on the swimmer in your lane. We ask that you only photograph/video your own child, and be mindful of others who may be in the background if you choose to post or share images on social media.

Concession Stand

We will not be opening the concession stand for meets this season. Families are welcome to bring coolers, provided they remain outside of the gate.  

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