POOL Parties

All Swim Meets have a Sign Up Requirement at Least 1 Day in Advance
  • We will have designated team areas for each meet.
  • Upon arrival to the meet, the 1st priority is to complete a positive check-in
  • All Swimmers under age 10 must find the parent volunteer line up coordinator for their age group
  • Swimmers who are 11 or older must check in directly with the coaches.  

Positive check-in for swim meets -  As an NBSL rule, coaches MUST deliver their official lineup sheets to the scorer's table by 5:00p.m.  If your swimmer is  NOT checked in on time, it may mean that the coaches will have to scratch them from the meet, with NO guarantee they can be re-entered after the 5:45pm "no changes" deadline.  If for any reason, you will be arriving late, please CALL or TEXT someone who can get word to the head coach. These time deadlines are NBSL rules, not Lane Swim Team rules.  Please have someone reliable on the team that you can contact if you are running late.

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